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GENRE: R&B/Soul,Instrumental
Industry Experience:
20 - 30 years
United States
Craig Wallace
Self made musician, singer, songwriter originally from Plainfield, New Jersey. I have been playing music since the age of 12 years old and have been doing my recordings since age 18, I have been influenced by great artists like Parliament Funkadelics, Rick James, Prince.Cameo, etc. Also have been influenced by some jazz artists. Eventhou inspired by great artists, I still put my own twist of funk into my music.


  • Check me out here also for my ratings and rank www.reverbnation.com/craigwallace

  • Working in studio getting ready bring you new music for the 2013 year.

  • Check out my site and listen to the smooth instrumental funk that will move your inner spirit.My music comes from the inside, bringing it to the outside for the world to enjoy
  • My new CD is completed now and ready for the public. Please check me out and comment on it. Looking for your feedback.
  • Hello everyone, check out my page and please leave a comment and please add me to your network

  • Working on my new album Exposed. It is in the precess of being completed, You can check out a preview of the album on the site to get a feel of what is coming your way

Craig Add Comment
  • Shakera

    603.00 | Plays: 101

    Likes: 5

  • Tell Me Have You Seen Her (dubbed)
    Tell Me Have You Seen Her (dubbed)

    456.00 | Plays: 100

    Likes: 4

  • Love Goes On
    Love Goes On

    639.00 | Plays: 98

    Likes: 4

  • Crying In The Dark
    Crying In The Dark

    407.00 | Plays: 91

    Likes: 5

  • So Coldblooded Baby
    So Coldblooded Baby

    531.00 | Plays: 92

    Likes: 4

  • Into You
    Into You

    520.00 | Plays: 93

    Likes: 6

  • Together

    449.00 | Plays: 96

    Likes: 4

  • Finness Love
    Finness Love

    505.00 | Plays: 91

    Likes: 5

  • Love Project
    Love Project

    548.00 | Plays: 138

    Likes: 5

  • Seduction

    332.00 | Plays: 5

    Likes: 3

  • Love Goes On (Reprise)
    Love Goes On (Reprise)

    512.00 | Plays: 30

    Likes: 4

  • Funking Back
    Funking Back

    449.00 | Plays: 7

    Likes: 3

  • Paradise

    | Plays: 0

    Likes: 1

  • Rai-Funk

    | Plays: 0

    Likes: 0

  • Expression

    | Plays: 0

    Likes: 0

  • Don't Go
    Don't Go

    | Plays: 0

    Likes: 0

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