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Industry Experience:
20 - 30 years
Group/Band Recording Artists
United States
My Friends call me ShowBoat "Showship" is the name of the group where I am using a potpourri of Musicians that I have great Relationships with and who are availableGod has Blessed me to have great friends and Relatives.My and J.Moss's Cousin the Legendary Rev. Claude Jeter passed Jan 6 2009 The founder and leader (from 1938 to 1966) of influential Gospel quartet the Swan Silvertones, Reverand Claude Jeter played an essential role in the evolution of modern Gospel music. Primarily a tenor vocalist, Jeter helped to develop the smooth falsetto style that influenced such R&B vocalists as Al Green and Eddie Kendricks of the Temptations. eter's silken vocals helped the Swan Silvertones to dominate the Gospel music charts in the late '40s and early '50s when they recorded for the King Records label and 1952 when they recorded for Specialty. In addition to soloing on such tunes as "I'm Coming Home" and "Motherless Child," he performed several duets with tenor vocalist Reverand Robert C. Crenshaw including "Trouble on My Way" and I'm a Rollin'." Jeter left the Swan Silvertones in 1966 to focus on his solo career and ministry. You owe it to yourself to check him out he was the real deal..Soul What is Soul ? There are those that think they know but they don't the ones that do know that SOUL IS WHAT GO'S ON BETWEEN THE NOTES.I REPEAT: SOUL IS WHAT GO'S ON BETWEEN THE NOTES. We need to teach this! My Soul School Album will be finish soon it is the Soundtrack For the Soul School Movie I wrote Its what's between the notes I have been Blessed to have Friends like these. Contributing to the Soul School Album are some of my closest friends we have played together for years in a group called Midnight Sky: David McMurray,Jervonny Collier,Donald Ray Mitchell,David Myles,Leroy Hyter,Arthur "Buster" Marbury(R.I.P.),Harry Bowens (Midnight Sky) The Ridgeway Sisters, Al McKenzie, Ricardo Rouse,Sweet Pea Atkinson, Ron Otis,Wendy Barnes,Kimberly B. ,Melody McCully,Kimmie Horne, Butch Small and Kerry Turman I have not forgotten you lol and some surprises that I won't mention have lent me their talents to make this CD Soul School a Potpourri of Jazz, Gospel, Soul and Funk. Soul School will be a classic. ! Music is food for the Soul Consume as much as you like


  • Welcome to My Page. Dont forget to comment on My Wall or add me to your network
  • Welcome to My Page. Dont forget to comment on My Wall or add me to your network

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