10 Must-Follow Blogs for Piano Teachers

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As part of my own professional development, I keep a close eye on blogs from piano teachers around the world. You can learn so much and get great links to other resources by following a few key blogs.

You don’t have to check these websites yourself every week as you can subscribe to receive emails when new posts are made or you can get updates via RSS feeds straight to your desktop. If you don’t know much about RSS, check out this article to get you started. I personally use Outlook to read my RSS feeds, but there are lots of apps, webapps and desktop software that does the same thing.

Tim Topham. 24th May 2013.Picture Sebastian Costanzo. The Age.

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So what are my top picks?

  1. Well, this one, obviously!
  2. Practising the Piano by UK-based teacher and pianist, Graham Fitch. Weekly practice tips for both students and teachers. Like a mini-masterclass each week! Lots of tips on how to practice that you can use immediately with your students.
  3. Ipad and Technology in Music Education. Regular tech-based updates for teachers of all instruments, bands and groups. Lots of how-to articles about iPads in education.
  4. Susan Paradis. Lots of games and teaching ideas, particularly for teachers of young children and beginners.
  5. Melanie Spanswick’s blog: The Classical Piano and Music Education Blog. Great articles and regular video interviews with famous teachers with full written transcriptions.
  6. Cross-Eyed Pianist – aka Fran Wilson. If you want to keep up with concert reviews and very regular interviews with famous and amateur musicians and teachers, Fran’s is the go-to blog!
  7. 88 Piano Keys. Leila Viss has a great blog that is very tech-based. She also does a lot of work teaching and sharing ideas about improv and creativity. Also notes about group classes and music/piano camps.
  8. Elissa Milne. Fellow Australian teacher, composer and blogger. Although sporadic, Elissa’s posts are always thought-provoking, well-considered and guaranteed to make you think about your teaching practice and views on music. Elissa has started many trends in Australian teaching and is a leading pedagogue and presenter.
  9. Music Matters. Conference posts, group teaching, Friday Film Find.
  10. Color in my Piano. Joy Morin’s blog about teaching, music business, group classes and all things piano.

There are plenty of other great blogs out there and I had to do a fair bit of culling to get it down to 10 so sorry if yours missed out. For other recommendations, check the links of blogs that these people follow normally listed at the side of their blog as “blogroll”. This is a great way to find even more resources.

If you have any other blogs that you feel are ‘must-reads’ for other teachers, please leave a comment below.

Also, be sure to check out my Top-4 Facebook groups blog post for more online help and resources.