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Courtenay Ennis

Courtenay Ennis is a singing teacher in Vancouver, Canada. He studied Speech Level Singing--a method used by over 120 Grammy and Tony winners--and is an avid student of evidence-based vocal science and pedagogy. Courtenay's clients have been accepted into top musical theatre programs all over North America, and worked in professional theatre, on cruise ships, and as original recording artists. He holds BFA and B. Education degrees and loves reading, hiking, skiing, coffee, and croissants.

Improving Audio for Online Music Lessons with Cleanfeed

by Courtenay Ennis

A year ago, many teachers were just hearing about Zoom for the first time. Zoom is a great videoconferencing app, and most music teachers and students are now familiar with it, making it a great low-barrier option. Zoom also recently upgraded it’s audio capabilities in September 2020, making it an even better tool for online ... Improving Audio for Online Music Lessons with Cleanfeed

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