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Ruth Power

Ruth Power is a dynamic piano tutor and founder of PianoPicnic.com: a piano learning hub featuring short burst lessons, based on the science of micro-training. Now based in New Zealand, Ruth has developed music education resources for the past 11 years: including the highly successful ‘Rocket Piano’ method at Rock Star Recipes Ltd (teaching 90,000 students worldwide); as editor at Europe’s largest sheet-music publisher, Music Sales Group, creating hundreds of popular method & repertoire books for Rhinegold Education, Rockschool, Novello & Co and MusicRoom.com; and developing eBooks & apps for the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Ruth’s signature piano e-course Songs By Ear teaches the fundamentals of playing by ear directly to the student in a way that is quick, easy, fun and all from your e-device or tablet. ‘Songs By Ear’ is open for enrolment several times a year, find out more here.

Improve Piano Ear Playing Skills with this One Challenge

by Ruth Power

Yep, you can make playing by ear fun. Here's how.

07/17/2018 Read more