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Tracy Selle

Tracy Selle is a Christian wife, mom, piano teacher, and author of 101 Piano Practice Tips. She is also the creator of Upbeat Piano Teachers. She’s been teaching piano for nearly 20 years and prior to that, was a TV meteorologist. Her goal is to inspire other piano teachers and hopefully their enthusiasm will impact students across the globe!

3 Mistakes Studio Owners Make When Setting Goals

by Tracy Selle

Going after goals isn’t easy, but hey – you can definitely increase your odds of getting there faster. Stop doing these three things and you’ll bust out your goals in no time! TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Stop Focusing on Results When Setting Goals1.2 What Do I Do Instead Then?2. Stop Dreaming About Your Goals3. Stop ... 3 Mistakes Studio Owners Make When Setting Goals

01/23/2023 Read more

How To Balance Family And Teaching

by Tracy Selle

Try these three steps to find balance.

03/30/2022 Read more