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How to Strengthen the Value Perception of Your Music Studio

by Sarah Buckley

Use these 3 tips to improve the perceived value of your music lessons program!

07/12/2021 Read more

‘Stage Fright’ – Are Exam-Based Teaching Methods to Blame?

by Tim Fletcher

Why is a recital so nerve-wracking?

06/30/2021 Read more

An Empathy-Based Approach to Challenging Behaviours in the Music Studio

by Erin Parkes

What is a teacher to do in those 'I've had it!' moments

06/23/2021 Read more

Why I Love Tim Topham’s Music Teacher Startup Course (and How It Compares to the Competition!)

by Rebecca Reid

Review & comparison of Music Teacher Startup course

05/29/2021 Read more

Discover How To Battle Through Performance Anxiety With Artist Matthew Xiong

by Tim Jorge

Get the insights to improve your performance confidence!

05/11/2021 Read more

Why do YOU Practise?

by Nick Ambrosino

What is the end goal? How do we know if we've arrived?

04/24/2021 Read more

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The Art of Keeping Music Theory Fun and Engaging

by Kristen Smith

Should theory games earn a place in your lesson planning?

04/11/2021 Read more

How to Teach Beginner Piano Students [No Book Beginners]

by Tim Topham

What is the best way to teach beginner piano students and to inspire, engage and motivate them in their first lesson? Is it through opening a method book and teaching students how to read middle C? Or, is it through: Exploring the piano Creating musical stories Playing games Playing by ear Transposing Harmonising, and Improvising? If ... How to Teach Beginner Piano Students [No Book Beginners]

04/01/2021 Read more

Top 10 Pop Songs for Piano Students

by Tim Topham

If you’ve decided to embrace teaching pop in your studio in the last few years, well done! (If you haven’t, then keep reading as I’m determined to get you thinking more about how this can impact your studio positively starting right now). There are myriad pedagogical benefits of working with students on pop music including keeping ... Top 10 Pop Songs for Piano Students

27 Easy Chord Progressions for Your Piano Students

by Tim Topham

Here are 27 easy chord progressions to inspire your students.

4 Ways TopMusicPro Transformed My Online Piano Lessons (with Kara Hess)

by Allison Gruenenfelder

This growth-mindset teacher has gone from part-time to building her dream studio

03/22/2021 Read more

TopMusicPro: Five years of serving the music teachers community

by Nicole Douglas

TopMusicPro celebrates 5 years of service to the music teaching community

03/12/2021 Read more