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5 Ways To Help Your Students Feel Performance Ready

by Georgina Wilson

Performances can be scary. Can you remember how you felt as a music student walking onto a stage for the first time? Do you remember your hands shaking as you played your first note? As teachers we can help our students feel less nervous about performing, and boost their confidence, whether they're playing in a recital, a competition, or an exam.

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3 Ways To Make Teaching Scales More Interesting

by Tim Topham

Make teaching scales more interesting for your students with these fun ideas!

02/27/2023 Read more

TopMusic Announces Partnership with QMTA

by Emily Laney

QMTA and TopMusic partner to bring professional development offerings to Queensland area instrumental music teachers

02/25/2023 Read more

4 Tips for Teaching Piano Beginner Technique

by Tim Topham

Teaching beginner piano students technique can be hard, but our four tips will help put you in good stead.

02/22/2023 Read more

Easy Guitar Lessons for Kids

by Michael Gumley

Introducing the world music to guitar students is exciting but challenging! We have some tips to make teaching guitar to kids easier for teachers.

02/16/2023 Read more

A Piano Teacher’s Guide To Teaching Sight Reading

by Tim Topham

Learn the best ways to teach sight reading to your piano students (plus a handy checklist to download)

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Piano Exams: A Piano Teacher’s Guide

by Tim Topham

Piano exams can spark an array of questions from your piano students and their families. We've tried to answer some of them!

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Piano Teachers: Are Piano Exams Good Or Bad?

by Tim Topham

Piano exams can be a controversial topic. Some teachers see exams as the best way to teach, whereas others want to stay clear of the 'exam express'. Join us as we outline 5 pros and 5 cons of piano exams.

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3 Mistakes Studio Owners Make When Setting Goals

by Tracy Selle

Going after goals isn’t easy, but hey – you can definitely increase your odds of getting there faster. Stop doing these three things and you’ll bust out your goals in no time! TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Stop Focusing on Results When Setting Goals1.2 What Do I Do Instead Then?2. Stop Dreaming About Your Goals3. Stop ... 3 Mistakes Studio Owners Make When Setting Goals

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How To Carry Out A Business Assessment On Your Studio

by Tara Wright

If you’re feeling like your studio has fallen into a bit of a rut, or you feel that *something* just isn’t working, I suggest you carry out a business assessment. Taking a step back and assessing what’s worked and what hasn’t worked, why some things have been better than others, can help you make that ... How To Carry Out A Business Assessment On Your Studio

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Is ‘Work-Life’ Balance an Achievable Goal?

by Karen Gibson

Work-Life balance to some of us is a myth. Surely it’s not possible to have a balance between our working lives and our personal lives? If you’ve got it sorted, we admire you. If you’re always striving for different ways to ‘balance’ your life, keep reading!  TABLE OF CONTENTS:  Should We Really Be Striving or ... Is ‘Work-Life’ Balance an Achievable Goal?

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The 3-Step Process for Integrated Music Teaching

by Tim Topham

Continuing on from our recent posts introducing Integrated Music Teaching, and out-lining how you can teach an Integrated Music Lesson, we wanted to discuss the 3-step process in more detail.  Table of Contents:1. What Is The 3-Step Process for Integrated Music Teaching?2. A Quick Note About Metaphors    2.1 Also Just To Say…3. STEP 1 ... The 3-Step Process for Integrated Music Teaching

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