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20 Creative Ways To Start a Lesson

by Tim Topham

Starting a lesson with something fresh and creative is a great way to help students focus, switch on their ears and get the most out of their lesson time.

04/03/2023 Read more

Left Hand Piano Styles & Patterns

by Tim Topham

Patterns are one of the most fundamental ingredients of music.

Turning Off Auto-Pilot in Scales

by Tim Topham

We have another secret for making scales even more engaging.

27 Easy Chord Progressions for Your Piano Students

by Tim Topham

Here are 27 easy chord progressions to inspire your students.

08/31/2022 Read more

20 Creative Ways to Start a Piano Lesson

by Tim Topham

If you’d like some ideas about different ways to start a piano lesson, then today’s post is for you. While we all know that routine can be great for some students, I like to mix things up every now and then. It keeps students on their toes and starting a lesson with something creative is a ... 20 Creative Ways to Start a Piano Lesson

2017 in Review: Webinars, Courses and More

by Tim Topham

Let’s keep looking back at 2017 in our review series. Today, we take a look at the free piano webinars we ran during the year. If you missed out on one, you can still catch a webinar replay by registering. Head to this page to find out how. Also, why not catch up on our ... 2017 in Review: Webinars, Courses and More


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2017 in Review: Our Top 10 Blog Posts

by Sean Wales

Our Most Read Articles During 2017, we published a lot of posts on the blog – you would be forgiven for missing a few. So, we have made things easy with today’s blog article. We have put together the posts that our community read the most. These are blog posts that were published in 2017 ... 2017 in Review: Our Top 10 Blog Posts

08/29/2022 Read more

Teaching Teens and Transfer Students Course

by Barbara GET ACCESS How to motivate, inspire and retain your teen & transfer students LEARN TO BUILD A FRAMEWORK FOR teaching energising, rewarding and fun lessons for your teen and transfer students  FREEwith TopMusicPro Studio Membership What's your biggest struggle when teaching teens and transfers? "Motivating them to practise is always an issue" "Retaining my ... Teaching Teens and Transfer Students Course

05/27/2020 Read more

Lessons I’ve Learned From 150 Creative Piano Teaching Podcasts

by Tim Topham

Top themes learned from five years of podcasts, part 1

03/07/2020 Read more

Teach Christmas Carols with No Book Lead Sheets

by Tim Topham

Inspire your students this Christmas with carols.

11/14/2019 Read more

How to Create a Piano Lead Sheet from Any Song

by Tim Topham

Get inspired with piano lead sheets!

10/01/2019 Read more

Take a Look Inside my Pop Piano Teaching Course

by Tim Topham

Dive in and teach pop music to your students.

07/30/2019 Read more