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Curious Piano Teachers Workshop

by Timz Fojas

If you can’t make it to the live session, we’ll share a limited time replay.

02/26/2023 Read more

Plan Your Best Year Challenge 2023

by Timz Fojas

12/12/2022 Read more

Integrate Your Teaching Challenge

by Timz Fojas


10/27/2022 Read more

LA Teacher Meetup 2023

by Tim Topham

09/01/2022 Read more

Melbourne Teacher Meetup 2022

by Tim Topham

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Conference Highlights: How I nearly missed the innovative teacher event of the year

by Emily Laney

High points from the first Piano Pivot Live conference

02/01/2020 Read more

Join the the preeminent professional development, learning and networking community for instrumental music teachers.

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Best Places to Stay in Melbourne during Piano Pivot Live

by Tim Topham

Don't miss the best places to stay during your PPL conference!

12/16/2019 Read more

How One Epic Piano Teachers’ Conference Will Change Your Teaching Forever – Part 2

by Tim Topham

Find out what makes our piano teachers' conference different. Part 2

12/05/2019 Read more

How One Epic Piano Teachers’ Conference Will Change Your Teaching Forever – Part 1

by Tim Topham

Introducing a piano teachers' conference unlike any other. Part 1

11/24/2019 Read more

Find out Who’s Coming to Piano Pivot Live in 2020

by Tim Topham

It's a piano conference, with a difference!

09/24/2019 Read more

The Ultimate Piano Teaching Conference Coming in 2020

by Tim Topham

A piano teaching conference with a difference.

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5 Day Piano Pivot: Wrap-up

by Nicola Cantan

5 Day Piano Pivot Wrap-Up Day: The Future It's been a pretty amazing week – so don't lose momentum! Watch this video and get our tips on how you can move forward from here and really take action on the goals you've made during your 5DPP.  Please note: These videos were originally recorded in December 2017. The ... 5 Day Piano Pivot: Wrap-up

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