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Discover How To Battle Through Performance Anxiety With Artist Matthew Xiong

by Tim Jorge

Get the insights to improve your performance confidence!

05/11/2021 Read more

Why do YOU Practise?

by Nick Ambrosino

What is the end goal? How do we know if we've arrived?

04/24/2021 Read more

The Art of Keeping Music Theory Fun and Engaging

by Kristen Smith

Should theory games earn a place in your lesson planning?

04/11/2021 Read more

TopMusicPro: Five years of serving the music teachers community

by Nicole Douglas

TopMusicPro celebrates 5 years of service to the music teaching community

03/12/2021 Read more

5 Surprising Ways to Grow Practice Motivation

by Sarah Buckley

5 Surprising Ways to Grow Practice Motivation Have you ever felt like a lone wolf in the practice room? Or like the repertoire you’re playing didn’t really connect with the rest of your daily life? If we have felt it, no doubt our students have too. I think these feelings are 2 big reasons students ... 5 Surprising Ways to Grow Practice Motivation

02/17/2021 Read more

Improving Audio for Online Music Lessons with Cleanfeed

by Courtenay Ennis

A year ago, many teachers were just hearing about Zoom for the first time. Zoom is a great videoconferencing app, and most music teachers and students are now familiar with it, making it a great low-barrier option. Zoom also recently upgraded it’s audio capabilities in September 2020, making it an even better tool for online ... Improving Audio for Online Music Lessons with Cleanfeed

02/12/2021 Read more

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Be Kind to Yourself

by Nick Ambrosino

Is Chariots of Fire running through your mind as you contemplate work that is never finished?

01/31/2021 Read more

How to Include Jazz Modes in Beginning Piano Lessons

by Dave Long

When you incorporate jazz modes early on in piano lessons, your students get this surprising benefit that's missing with basic scale work.

12/12/2020 Read more

The Art of Tidying Up Your Space for Online Lessons

by Emily Laney

Put the joy back in your music teaching space by tidying up for online lessons!

11/29/2020 Read more

4 Different Budgets for Music Teachers to Create a Professional Recording Studio

by Nick Voorhees

Set up your recording studio from A to Z with this comprehensive list, including starter budget options.

11/15/2020 Read more

10 Christmas Books Your Students Will Love, including Free Lead Sheets

by Emily Laney

10 Christmas Piano Books that Students Love, including a free one! The season for playing holiday music is officially here, and while you might rely on a handful of stock favourites, here are 10 student-approved choices to consider for Christmas. This article features short reviews on seasonal picks from composers around the world. You’ll find ... 10 Christmas Books Your Students Will Love, including Free Lead Sheets

10/31/2020 Read more

Success Tips for Managing the Disrespectful Piano Student

by Karen Gibson

Consider an alternative approach to challenging students.

10/11/2020 Read more