Feel calmer, more confident and make serious progress.

Less of the 'same old' and more 'different new'.
Join the A-List Coaching Program.

  • Eager to get clarity + focus?
  • Ready to 'scratch that itch' and make progress on your dream goal? 
  • Want serious accountability?
  •  Got a digital product or service that you'd like to launch but not sure the best way forward?
  • Like to feel more confident playing improv, teaching and running your business? 
  • Love to have a constant stream of new students enrolling?
  • Now imagine yourself in 12 months after you've accomplished your big goal.
  • Are you ready to invest in making this real? 

Enrolment for the A-list Coaching Program is now open.

Release a New Service

Set Clear Goals

Untangle your Admin

Find More Time

Build Support

Enjoy Calm and Clarity

Here is what you get

  • Tim Topham as your dedicated, personal coach to guide, mentor and support you.
  • 2 x 30-minute private 1-on-1 strategy and action coaching sessions each month (see below for what you can do).
  • 3 x weekly Power Hour co-working sessions to get.stuff.done.
  • Complimentary Evolution Membership to give you full access to our entire library of resources.
  • Access to high-level business-building Evolution Masterminds and specialist meetups.
  • Access to all our weekly call recordings if you miss anything. 
  • Private Voxer chat to ask questions of Tim when you need answers between calls. 

 Bill Henry 

Mr Henry's Music World,

Elementary Music Teacher, YouTuber and Podcaster.

As a teacher and solopreneur with an online business, it can be easy to lose sight of the important aspects that truly grow the business. Having Tim as a coach gave me the ability to keep important projects moving forward which definitely achieved short-term goals faster and resulted in "steering the ship" in the right direction for the long term. I was able to talk with Tim (like I knew others would not understand) and learn specific techniques in marketing that were tailored to my situation. His advice and knowledge helped grow the business from month to month; giving me the confidence to continue and progress to help make a further impact on my business and mission.

What can I work on during this coaching?

  • The focus is all on YOU and your goals. Here are the possibilities:
  • Untangling your brain! Getting help to find pathways through admin/growth challenges 
  • Create and launch a new digital product or service - courses, memberships, podcasts, etc.
  • Teaching coaching - choosing repertoire, assess your teaching, lesson ideas and guidance
  • Take private lessons from me - see YouTube for my own live streamed lessons this year!
  • Get business-level help in your studio - charging more, emailing parents, setting policies
  • Systemising and automation (I love this stuff!)
  • Launching sheet music, courses and products onto the market
  • Hiring team members, VAs, admin help, teachers
  • You name it, we will work on it.

 Marie Offenberg 

PianoBase Music Schoo, Perth, WA.

Tess and myself have always been inspired by Tim's knowledge, resources and passion to share and make a positive change in the way teachers prepare and present piano lessons to students. Our business grew at a rapid pace and we started to really struggle with time management, scheduling, staff and in fact all aspects of running a studio of 230+ students. With Tim's coaching we were able to isolate and itemise not only what had to change but ways we could change. Tim's guidance gave us the confidence to think outside the box and begin to tackle and streamline a workable operating system. We would highly recommend Tim's coaching sessions to every teacher at any level. Tim, thank you for providing the space and structure that we needed to reconnect with our love of teaching by simplifying our workload. You go beyond and we know that every teacher that has you as a coach will count themselves lucky.

Meet your coach

Tim is the founder and director of TopMusicCo, the world's largest professional development community for independent music teachers.

An internationally recognised leader in instrumental music education, Tim Topham's passion is to support music teachers to use an Integrated Model of Music Teaching while creating and building a sustainable business.

Tim holds an MBA in Educational Leadership, BMus, DipEd and AMusA and his writing and training courses have been featured in American Music Teacher, The Piano Teacher and various journals and music publications in Australia, UK and the USA.

He regularly speaks at international online and in-person events and hosts the TopCast music teachers' podcast.

What's the investment?

 $US549 per month*

 *3 month minimum commitment

  • Bi-monthly 1-on-1 coaching with Tim 
  • Top-level Evolution membership included
  • 3 x power hours
  • Clear, achievable goals
  • Private voxer chat
  • Support & advice
  • Confidence
  • Fun!

Apply now. Only 5 positions available.

Got questions about joining Tim's A-list? 

What if I'm already a TopMusicPro member?

If you already have a monthly Lite, Studio or Evolution membership, we'll hit pause on your payments while you're on the A-list. If you have an annual membership, we'll extend your membership by the number of months you remain on the A-list. 


How much time should I commit each week?

Very sensible question!

To make the most out of the program, I recommend setting aside at least 1-2 hours per week in order to watch recommended training, participate in group and private calls, explore community posts, ask questions and, of course, to take action.

If your goal is to work on your own performance and playing during the coaching, then setting aside some additional practice time will be beneficial. 


What's the minimum commitment?

While you'll get more out of the program the longer you stay involved, the minimum commitment is 3 months.


What times are the meetings?

Participants will choose a time to suit them that works on Tim's calendar for their 1-on-1 coaching sessions in weeks 1 and 3 of each month.

The monthly group QnA sessions will be held in Week 2 of each month at a time that best suits the participants. This will be discussed when the applications are finalised. 

If a month has 5 weeks, there will be a break for the extra week :)


Do I have to be a TopMusicPro member to join?

No. Anyone can join this program whether they're already a TopMusicPro member or not, but as a part of being on the A-list, you'll automatically get access to our top level Evolution membership valued at $799 per year.


Is this really coaching with Tim?

Sure is! Tim Topham will be your personal guide and mentor while you're on his A-list. Previously this level of personalised coaching has only been offered privately for a select few people and at a much higher price point. He's never offered this program before and is not promising to open it up again. Please note that Evolution Masterminds are run by both Tim and other expert teachers. Power Hour co-working sessions are run across 3 different timezones. Tim regularly attends the Australian session, but not all sessions.


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