Technology Boot Camp

It’s time to embrace technology

Technology. Whether it excites you or daunts you, it can be crucial in engaging students in the 21st century. Join our six experts as they discuss online lessons, apps, piano labs, and how Android users don’t need to feel left out.

Course outline

  1. Module 1: Jennifer Fox - Video Lessons, Skype/FaceTime Lessons, and Group Classes
  2. Module 2: Judy Naillon - Making Lessons More Fun with Piano Maestro (JoyTunes)
  3. Module 3: Leila Viss - Your Biggest Piano Lab Concerns: Time, Cost, Space, Technology
  4. Module 4: Christina Mathis - Dive into Technology and Online Lessons
  5. Module 5: Chrisanne Holm - Practical Ways to Start Using Technology on a Budget!
  6. Module 6: Rebecca Udy - No iPad? No Problem: Android Devices
  7. Bonus Resources

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Technology Boot Camp was created by

Tracy Selle

Co-Founder of Upbeat Piano Teachers

Tracy Selle is a Christian wife, mom, piano teacher, and author of 101 Piano Practice Tips. She’s also the creator of Upbeat Piano Teachers, which launched in October 2015. Prior to teaching piano for 15 years, she worked as a television meteorologist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I watch the videos? Anytime--on any device!
  • Can I watch them multiple times? Absolutely!
  • Do I have to watch the videos in order? No. Pick the speaker/topic that interests you the most right now!


Within each section, you'll see a short introduction, the guest video and bio, followed by any resources mentioned in the interview. Each section ends with the PDFs included by the guest. Don't forget about all the free bonuses included. You can watch the speakers in any order. The interviews can be watched anytime on any device! Enjoy!    

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