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Step-by-step Facebook Advertising Success

How to Build Your Studio on Autopilot using FB Advertising
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The ONLY Facebook Advertising Course designed specifically for Piano Teachers

Piano Teachers: 

  • Have you tried Facebook advertising in the past and decided that it wasn’t worth the time, hassle or money?
  • Perhaps you’ve spent money setting up ads and “boosting” posts before, only to see the cash go straight down the drain?
  • Perhaps you’ve always wondered about advertising but never known where to start.
  • Want to know whether Facebook advertising could actually WORK in your studio to build your numbers on autopilot? 

Piano teaching is a very niche specialty.

No other course online has been created specifically for piano teachers to build their student through FB advertising.

Created for piano teachers by international acclaimed Facebook marketing expert, speaker and author of “Facebook Marketing for Dummies”, Andrea Vahl, this course answers all your questions and will help set you up for Facebook Advertising success.

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Whether you’re already running successful campaigns or completely new to Facebook advertising, there will be HEAPS to learn in this course. You’ll be able to ask as many questions as you’d like and get all the latest on changes and updates to the FB algorithm and how that may be affecting your campaigns.

Even if you’re considering outsourcing this role to an agency or contractor for your studio, make sure you watch this presentation as it pays to know the basics of the platform if you’re going to hire someone to help you with it. Even better if you’ve tried it out first yourself.

The Modules:

  • Intro to Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ad Strategy for Piano Teachers
  • Facebook Pixel Demo
  • Quick Start to Setting up your Facebook Ad - Live Demo
  • Designing an Eye catching Facebook Ad
  • Understanding Your Facebook Reports

The Bonuses:

  • Downloadable step-by-step Facebook Pixel Guide
  • Facebook Ad Planning Guide
  • Lifetime Value Calculation Cheat Sheet
  • Free Ad Image Cheat Sheet

  • Instant access to entire Academy Course library including No Book Beginners, 4 Chord Composing, Studio Marketing and Teaching the Blues + many more
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  • Access to expert teachers from around the world
  • Stream teaching videos and webinar replays
  • Access everything on your dedicated member app for iOS and Android
  • Grab members-only discounts on sheet music, software and method books
  • Just $29/month or $249/year while the special offer lasts.
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