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Need help with the business aspects of your studio?

I just wanted to let you know that Wendy Stevens, one of my favourite teachers and bloggers from the USA, has just opened-up registrations for two online training events to help you run your piano teaching studio more effectively.

The events will be run as 90-minute online webinars (with recorded replays for those in other time zones) and registrations are open at a discounted rate for a short time from today.
You can check out the free resources and find out more here.

What are the workshops about?

The first workshop, “Best Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio”, is one of Wendy’s favourites and has received rave reviews from previous attendees. It covers:

  • How to make a consistent income all year
  • Determine your rate (and it’s not by asking other teachers)online business training
  • Calculate price increases and when to make them
  • Take time off for sickness or unexpected events without losing pay
  • Eliminate make-up lessons (fairly)
  • Deal with the overscheduled students without losing your mind
  • Communicate big policy changes without losing students

The second workshop, titled “Marketing, Taxes, Business Entities, & Liability for the Piano Teacher”, will be of most benefit to US-based teachers as the tax and legal information is based on the US system, however Wendy’s marketing tips will be of great benefit to everyone. Here’s what’ll be covered:

  • New marketing strategies to get new students
  • How to tweak old marketing strategies so that they work better
  • What kind of liability issues a piano teacher and piano studio face
  • How to protect yourself from liability.
  • What kind of business structures might help you keep more of your money (i.e. pay fewer taxes)

Both webinars will be held in mid-May, but get in now for the discount offers.

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Free give-aways

As usual, Wendy is giving away a whole lot of great ideas on the sign-up pages for these webinars, regardless of whether you register.

Head to composecreate to watch the videos and download your help sheets on a variety of business-related topics.