Early Childhood Music Teaching

early childhood music

Teaching early childhood music requires a different approach to usual piano lessons and, for many teachers, unless you’ve been trained in this area, working out the best way to teach really young students can be a huge challenge.

So this month on the blog and podcast, we’re focussing on teaching the youngest students, from around age 0 – 8 years, exploring how to give them the best educational outcomes and set them up for a life of music-making.

As you’ll see from our podcasts, teaching toddlers and very young children involves lots of movement, singing and parental involvement, and to be successful, requires a teacher that is flexible, passionate, enthusiastic, positive and engaging.

early childhood music

Interested in finding out some of the tricks and techniques that the most successful early childhood teachers use in their studios? If so, this month is just for you!

This month’s content includes interviews covering:

  • The Musikgarten curriculum for teaching early childhood music with Inner Circle member, Ellen Johansen.
  • Using images, video, stories and imagination to develop emotional creativity in students through improvising with Lyndel Kennedy
  • Irina Gorin on her method for teaching young children the correct technique from an early age

As usual, you can expect links, resources and videos of these experts in action with their students so you can see first-hand how to approach things.

Even if you don’t teach early childhood students, I know you’ll get a lot out of these discussions as many of the concepts are relevant at all ages of teaching.

I do hope you find this theme helpful for your teaching.


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