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10 Lesson Planning Tips from 9 Top Teachers

Want to plan amazing lessons without spending all your free time planning?

It’s time to start a new teaching term! Awesome!

Will it be the ‘same old’ planning?  Or are you shaking it up this year?

Do you plan out all the technique, rep, and details for the year?

Lay out a basic plan and set some goals?

Let the student lead the way?

How good would it feel to

 😍  Prepare lessons that students will love

 😎  Avoid common preparation and lesson planning mistakes

💥  Motivate and inspire your students to practise more

 🎯  Feel confident you’re teaching the ‘right’ things


Find out the 3 keys to efficient lesson planning that 9 Top Teachers share

See real-world examples of planning that can fit different personalities, styles and specific goals

Discover how to plan efficiently so your students love lessons AND you can save yourself time

Teach music confidently piano an guitar


Nicola Cantan is a piano teacher in Dublin, Ireland who leads several online communities of passionate and creative teachers. She has been working with TopMusic since 2015 and loves helping our community to level-up their teaching and take control of their businesses. Nicola is presenting planning tips of her own and more from 9 Top Teacher contributors.