How to Deliver the Best Online Guitar Lessons in 2022: Your Guide to Platforms & Teaching

How to Deliver the Best Online Guitar Lessons in 2022: Your Guide to Platforms & Teaching

How To Deliver The Best Online Guitar Lessons

It’s never been a better time to teach guitar online. With just a click of a button you can find ways to help you give the best online guitar lessons, and we’re here to break them down for you:

  1. Online platforms that are perfect for teaching guitar lessons
  2. Hundreds of websites full of great content for guitar lessons
  3. Apps specifically created to help you teach students how to play guitar

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How to Deliver the Best Online Guitar Lessons in 2022

Online Learning Platforms For Guitar Lessons

As there are many various online learning platforms, each bringing their own benefits and downfalls to teaching guitar, knowing which one to try can feel overwhelming.

When looking at platforms for online lessons for guitar, it’s worth noting that:

  • Most platforms are available for laptops, phones, and tablets, so you can teach guitar lessons online no matter the device your students own
  • As well as platforms that run on monthly or annual subscription, there are lots of free plans too, so you can help students play songs without breaking the bank
How to Deliver the Best Online Guitar Lessons in 2022

Best Platforms for Online Guitar Lessons: Our TopMusic Top Picks

Whether you’re teaching song lessons, beginner guitar lessons or intermediate and advanced players (and everything and everyone in between) our breakdown of platforms will help you decide how you can start teaching guitar online.

Our top choices for platforms for teaching online guitar lessons are Zoom and RockOutLoud.

Keep in mind that both Zoom and RockOutLoud are for live guitar lessons where you are helping your students along their guitar journey in real-time, so you won’t find song tutorials, step by step tutorials or jam tracks.

Teach Guitar Online with Zoom

Zoom is our top choice for group guitar lessons and is a great choice for helping you teach students how to play guitar, explain music theory, and help them improve their guitar skills on both electric guitar and acoustic guitar.

Benefits of Using Zoom for Online Guitar Lessons (For Teachers)

  • There are both free account and paid options which include all the benefits and key features making it a great choice for professional teachers or guitar players looking to try their hand at teaching guitar lessons
  • Many great features and learning tools including the ability to share screen so that you can show and explain scale charts and chord diagrams
  • Ability to draw on the whiteboard, making lessons easy and interactive for students of all skill levels
  • Great noise cancellation so that you can clearly hear the acoustic guitar over background noise and teach effectively in noisy household environments
  • Sessions can be recorded for video feedback reasons and sent to your students to view as many times as they need.
  • Allows you to host up to 50 attendees on the free version and unlimited on the premium, meaning it’s great for online group guitar lessons where you can share information and lessons on important guitar skills, music theory, guitar gear and guitar tricks with the best leverage of your time.
How to Deliver the Best Online Guitar Lessons in 2022

Benefits of Using Zoom for Online Guitar Lessons (For Students)

Zoom is a great option for guitar students who want personalised coaching from an expert teacher and are opting for online lessons for guitar instead of getting in-person lessons from a local teacher.

It’s also a great choice for a complete beginner guitar student because the teacher can give them immediate feedback which is missing from many of the apps. Intermediate players and advanced guitar players looking to learn guitar online will also benefit greatly from the personalised coaching and live delivery of lessons over Zoom.

The Downside to Zoom for Online Guitar Lessons

The one downside to Zoom is that there is a lag which makes jamming in real-time tricky, so you’ll have to adapt your playing style and teaching format to account for the slight time difference.

If you adopt a call-and-response approach or focus on song tutorials rather than live jamming then you’ll find helping them with their guitar skills over Zoom will be a breeze.

You do, however, have the ability to play jam tracks live over the speaker so students can play along while muted so that it doesn’t disrupt your audio feed.

How to Deliver the Best Online Guitar Lessons in 2022

Online Guitar Lessons with RockOutLoud

When it comes to teaching students to play guitar in a one-on-one format the platform to go with is RockOutLoud.

Benefits Of Using RockOutLoud

  • It’s an online guitar learning platform designed by guitar players for guitar players
  • Comes recommended by great teachers from all around the world
  • Ability to jam with your students live in real-time
  • Share chord and scale charts on screen with screen-share
  • Provide interactive tabs, which is always a hit with intermediate and advanced players who benefit greatly from a hands-on learning approach
Free Account
Paid Account
Screen share
Interactive Whiteboard
Jam in real time (no lag)
Group SessionsUp to 50 in free
Unlimited in paid

Whether you teach rock guitar, country guitar, acoustic guitar, jazz guitar, electric guitar, song lessons, music theory or simply want to give out tone advice and maintenance tips you’ll be right at home on either Zoom or RockOutLoud when it comes to delivering the best online guitar lessons for guitar.

Why Apps are Beneficial for Your Online Guitar Lessons

Online learning platforms make it easy for teachers to connect with their students for the lesson, but apps can be beneficial outside of the lesson.

Many of the big players like Fender Play, Justin Sandercoe and guitar heroes like Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert are creating their own apps and online courses, which provides teachers with a wealth of inspiration for lesson content, and even some pre-created lessons (perfect for when you’re running low on time).

You can even direct students to certain courses you’d like them to work their way through ready for their next guitar lesson.

From Fender Play lessons to interactive tab found online, the Internet has a vast amount of guitar lessons for free, meaning you can brush up on your own guitar tricks and skills in order to provide your students with the best online guitar lessons.

As well as apps and sites designed specifically for guitar, YouTube can also be a great source of inspiration for your guitar students.

Ways You Can Use Apps To Help You Teach Guitar Online

As well as providing you with lesson content inspiration, guitar apps can be used in a variety of other ways:

  • If you have a student who’s interested in jazz guitar but you’re more confident with rock guitar, you can find free online guitar lessons to brush up on your own jazz guitar skills (or even steer them in the direction of an existing online guitar course that they can work through at their own pace, checking in with you to see how they’re getting on)
  • If a student wants to learn electric guitar but you specialise in acoustic guitar, you can find online lessons on Guitar Tricks, or a course on Fender Play, and work through it with your student, giving them guidance along the way
  • If a beginner guitar students just wants to learn their favourite songs and a few strumming patterns to get them started, you can find great websites that include interactive tab, or even a dedicated guitar app that tracks popular songs

Apps are great to use and easy to find – just visit the app store on your device and search for “acoustic guitar”, “guitar courses” or “making music” to find hundreds of apps that you can use to supplement your live guitar lessons with them and create a better learning experience.

Fender Play: The Best App For Beginner Students

After trialling and testing many different apps, it’s clear to see that when it comes to beginner guitar lessons then the Fender Play app is one of the best apps on the market.

Not only is it created by a leading digital publisher, it provides you with hundreds of guitar courses to take you through every skill and concept needed to learn guitar.

Fender themselves proclaim their mission is to improve the quality of guitar education so that more students stick with guitar long term, transitioning from beginners to advanced players.

Incorporating Fender Play in your online lessons (and even your in-person lessons) means your students can work through a grade system, or explore one of the other many different learning paths (and you even get half price membership for the first three months.)

By incorporating the Fender Play app in your guitar lessons, it will help you create a well-rounded learning journey for countless students. And who knows, maybe you’ll be teaching the world’s next guitar hero.

If this all sounds great, but you don’t have many beginner students in your studio yet, check out our ebook “10 Ways To Get More Guitar Students”

The Best Apps For Advanced Guitar Players

When it comes to apps for advanced guitar players, there are even more options as there are online courses on a wide variety of topics, with many courses being written by the world’s best instructors, meaning you can learn from an expert from the comfort of your own home.

Here is a list of our favourite online learning websites for you to explore for great guitar lesson content:

  1. Truefire
  2. Lick Library
  3. Guitar Tricks
  4. Guitar 365
  5. Simply Guitar
  6. Ultimate Guitar
  7. Guitareo
  8. Jamplay
  9. Jam Track Central
  10. Guitar World

Why Apps Aren’t A Replacement For Guitar Teachers

While apps and websites a source of great information, they lack the ability to provide live feedback, praising them when they’ve done something well, or showing them how to improve.

Your ability to illustrate guitar tricks and provide feedback in real time is invaluable to your students.

The Verdict on Online Guitar Lessons

Embracing the wealth of online resources available to you allows you to add so much more value to your online guitar lessons.

Sticking to a single platform or lesson format can be limiting for both you as a teacher and your student, so utilise all the information available to you in this digital age.

Give your students the best online guitar lessons by combining live teacher feedback over Zoom or RockOutLout with apps and websites like Fender Play and Lick Library.

Wanting more advice and teaching tools for your guitar lessons? Check out TopMusicGuitar.

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Michael Gumley is founder at Melbourne Guitar Academy, creator of Guitar Dojo Online and Guitar Ninjas, and TopMusic’s Head of Guitar. He rocked his start at guitar playing at age 15 and was instantly hooked. Michael brings his passion for music and love of all things guitar to every lesson, and seeks to help students capture that same excitement and wonder on their own journeys.

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How to Deliver the Best Online Guitar Lessons in 2022: Your Guide to Platforms & Teaching
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