325: How to Structure 15/30/30 Group Lessons with Lynnette Barney

Our guest today, Lynnette Barney, is the owner of Creative Keys Studio and has been a music educator for over 20 years. She joins us to share some insights into her teaching style, with overlapping group lessons and how it works in her studio. She talked about how she approached the idea of teaching group lessons to her students, what motivated her to do it, and what value it brings for both the teacher and students. And finally, Lynette shared some great tips and resources to other teachers who want to explore group lessons and build community in their music studio.

  • Lynnette shared a brief overview of her background and her studio at the moment.
  • Overlapping group lessons and private lessons and how it works in her studio.
  • The value of having lesson plans for your students.
  • Lynnette’s thoughts on group teaching and what motivated her to teach this way in her studio.
  • The magic of music when you make music with someone else.
  • Having a high retention rate because of studio community.
  • The benefits of group lessons for the teacher and the students.
  • Lynette shared some cool resources and ideas for other teachers.
  • Her top 3 tips for teachers who wants to explore and add group lessons in their studio.

The magic of music happens when you make music with someone else.

— Lynnette Barney

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Today’s Guest

325: How to Structure 15/30/30 Group Lessons with Lynnette Barney

Lynnette Barney has been a music educator in Tucson for over 20 years at her private piano studio, Creative Keys. She is a member of MTNA, ASMTA, and Tucson Music Teachers Association and has studied with Dr. Rex Woods, Dr. Jeffrey Shumway, and David Glen Hatch. Lynnette began performing with her sisters as a child and has always found her greatest joy in collaborative music. In addition to teaching musicians young and older, she especially enjoys performing duets and accompanying choirs, soloists, and ballet. Because of Lynnette’s love for collaborative music, students in Lynnette’s studio have weekly group lessons as well as private lessons. Each week they participate in a fun and interactive environment as they prepare keyboard ensemble music, improvise, develop rhythm skills, and learn theory concepts.

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