366: How to Convert From Private to Group Lessons with Marie Lee

366: How to Convert From Private to Group Lessons with Marie Lee

In today’s show, we are thrilled to have Marie Lee back for her third appearance on the TopCast. Marie is the visionary creator of the Group Teaching Blueprint and the owner of Musicality Schools in Las Vegas. With a bustling studio of 140 students, Marie uses innovative group teaching methods to inspire and motivate musicians. In this episode, we delve into the benefits and challenges of transitioning from one-on-one lessons to group teaching, explore the various models and methods she uses, and discuss her involvement in leading conferences like Group Illuminated. Marie shares her expert insights on how to implement group teaching, the structure and flexibility it offers, and the importance of showcasing its benefits to parents. Join us as we uncover the strategies and success stories behind Marie’s remarkable approach to music education.

  • Tim welcomes Marie Lee back to the show for her third appearance.
  • Discussion on transitioning from one-on-one lesson to group teaching.
  • Marie highlights her involvement in conferences, including running her own Group Illuminated conference and attending MTNA.
  • Benefits of group teaching, including higher student retention and increased income potential.
  • Some challenges and considerations when teaching group piano lessons.
  • Variations in group teaching models.
  • Marie emphasizes various ways to implement group teaching based on different needs and preferences.
  • How she transitioned from private to group teaching.
  • How group teaching is beneficial for teaching structure and allows flexibility between stages.
  • She emphasizes the need to introduce group teaching gradually, showcasing its benefits to parents through demonstrations and performances.
  • Marie’s conference, Group Illuminated, an online event for group teaching with sessions from various experts.
  • What the conference covers, including group teaching techniques, marketing strategies, technology in groups, and specific needs like neurodivergent students.
  • She encourages teachers to believe in group teaching, start with manageable steps, and adjust based on their goals and student needs.

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Group IlluminatED Conference

Group IlluminatED is the go-to conference to take your questions about group piano and come away with answers, new ideas, empowerment, and inspiration! Visit groupilluminated.com to learn more and to register for this fabulous on-demand conference.

Use coupon code TIM50 for a $50 discount on the conference ticket.

Today’s Guest

The creator of the popular Group Teaching Blueprint and owner of Musicality Schools in Las Vegas, Marie leverages group teaching methods to motivate and inspire musicians, both in her own group studio of 140 students, and in the studios of those she mentors. Her strengths are reaching students of all learning styles in a variety of ways that are easy to implement for any studio. Presenter at MTNA, NCKP, MusicEd Connect, 88 Creative Keys and Nevada Music Teachers conferences, blog guest writer and podcast presenter, Nevada Music Teachers Association President and Co-producer of the GroupIlluminatED online conference.


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