372: How to Organise Your Music Studio and Life with Amy Chaplin

372: How to Organise Your Music Studio and Life with Amy Chaplin

In this episode, we’re thrilled to welcome Amy Chaplin, a distinguished pianist, teacher, speaker, blogger, and podcaster, who is passionate about studio business, organization, and life. Amy combines these interests through her blog, PianoPantry.com, and The Piano Pantry Podcast, as well as running an independent piano studio in Northeast Indiana. An active member of the Music Teachers National Association, Amy has held various leadership roles and frequently speaks at events on studio business, marketing, and digital organization. Join us as we delve into Amy’s expert insights on organizing both your music studio and your life, offering practical tips and strategies to streamline your workflow and enhance your teaching efficiency.

  • Amy shared a brief overview of her background and niche development.
  • She shares details about her recent retreats and digital coaching events.
  • Organization tips and methods for music teachers on printed sheet music and digital sheet music.
  • Tips on organizing digital games, emphasizing the importance of clear naming conventions.
  • Digital organization tips and how to maintain organized file structures.
  • Email management and how to utilize folders.
  • Thoughts on Dropbox vs. Google Drive.
  • Importance of backing up files to avoid data loss.
  • Some note-taking and organization apps.
  • Amy’s transition from Evernote to Notion for better functionality and cost.
  • She shares some meal prep for busy music teachers.
  • Additional tips for Google Drive folders for better visual organization.

Guest Links Mentioned

Links Mentioned

Today’s Guest

Amy Chaplin is a pianist, teacher, speaker, blogger, and podcaster. She loves talking about all things studio business, organization, and life-related. She combines all of these passions at PianoPantry.com and on The Piano Pantry Podcast. She runs an independent piano studio in Northeast Indiana. An active member of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Amy has served in multiple leadership roles at the state and local levels, including President of the Indiana Music Teacher’s Association, VP of Membership, Website Editor, AIM Development, and is now serving as a trustee of the association. She frequently speaks at the local, state, and national levels on topics related to studio business, marketing, digital organization, and music learning theory applications.


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