TC297: Embracing Special Needs Teaching with Selena Pistoresi (August 2020)

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Today’s special episode is a rebroadcast of TopCast Episode 204. Listen in as Selena Pistoresi joins us and we unpack an often misunderstood area of teaching – special needs teaching from the viewpoint of respecting neurodiversity and presuming the competence of students. Selena is going to share practical, ready-to-implement strategies that you can adopt to confidently teach your students with exceptionalities in a way that acknowledges their gifts.

  • Selena shares how she came to specialize in teaching students with exceptionalities.
  • The definition of special needs.
  • The idea of talking to people or parents about terminologies.
  • Most challenging things about teaching special needs students.
  • Talking to parents about diagnoses – is it necessary?
  • First step to building a strong teaching foundation and relationship with a special needs student.
  • The importance of providing structure in lessons.
  • Do games work in the same way on students with special needs?
  • Final tips and thoughts from Selena.

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Today’s Guest

Selena Pistoresi has been a piano teacher for over a decade. Selena blogs over at and is the author of the Milestone Method. She owns Cultivate Music Studio, a studio in San Jose, California, where she specializes in working with students with special needs. She equips teachers all over the world with the mindset tools and curriculum to teach students with special needs and to help their studios flourish.

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Thank you for tuning in!

Consider implementing the ideas from this podcast by writing several actionable steps for your teaching practice if it’s inspired you.

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