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After the Method Book:
How to Teach Intermediate Students with Direction and Confidence

Your student finished their method book series!

Awesome! What now?


When your student has outgrown the sequential method books, it’s time to shift into the frontier of intermediate piano music, build their technique and practice habits, preparing them not only for advanced music, but to be able to play for life.

​​​​​​​But without the reference of a trusted method series, it can feel pretty daunting to plan and introduce music and exercises for your students in a clear, sequential way.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

What if your student ends up frustrated with music that is too difficult?

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

What if you’re missing some technical and practice techniques that could really be a game changer for their playing?

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How do you build their confidence and skill set while keeping them interested and excited?

If you’ve felt these challenges with your students,
we’ve got you covered.


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👉 Boost motivation with your intermediate students
👉Know which books to use and when to use them
👉Choose fabulous repertoire to fit their level AND personality
👉Set and achieve goals at the intermediate level — and watch your students thrive!