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teenage piano students teaching toolkit

I’ve recently had lots of people ask me about where they can get their copy of my new eBook: The Teen Teaching Toolkit.

It’s a totally free resource devoted to helping you engage and motivate your teenage piano students more effectively.

Here is what a couple of teachers have recently said about the Teen Teaching Toolkit:

Thank you so much!! I have a lot of students in this age group & always looking for new ideas & inspirations!! Appreciate this!Sonja, Telluride, Colorado.

I would just like to thank you for your amazing resources and for making them freely available. I am a reasonably new piano teacher, so I have found so much of use, for example, the Ireal b app, the piano teachers facebook group, and hints for teaching teenagersGrant, Brisbane, Australia.

Get your copy now and share your ideas!

To get your free copy emailed immediately, please head to my download page and enter your details.

If you’ve already got your copy, I look forward to hearing what you think.

Please share a comment below about your own teen teaching tips:

  • Cool repertoire ideas
  • Creative lesson plans
  • How to teach composing/improving
  • How you deal with video game and film music
  • Ways to make technical work exciting again
  • Good technology/apps to engage teens