021: The Intersection of Piano and Yoga with Tiffany Pinhorn Smith

021: The Intersection of Piano and Yoga with Tiffany Pinhorn Smith

In this episode, we dive into the intersection of piano and yoga with Tiffany Pinhorn Smith and explore the innovative fusion of music and yoga practices. Tiffany, a passionate yoga and music teacher based in Newfoundland, Canada, shares her unique approach to creating a balancing, calming, and nourishing ecosystem through her private music lessons, music-yoga hybrid sessions, and group classes. We discuss Tiffany’s journey from a hesitant yoga beginner to a certified instructor, her integration of breathing techniques and mindfulness into piano teaching, and the profound benefits her students experience. Tune in for an insightful conversation on how these two disciplines can harmoniously enhance well-being and musical expression.

  • Tiffany shares a brief overview of her piano teaching studio and being a certified yoga teacher.
  • Combining piano and yoga and how music can be a whole-body experience.
  • She shares how her yoga journey began with a transformative first class, leading her to integrate yoga and music.
  • How she started to incorporate breathing techniques and anatomy knowledge from yoga into her piano teaching.
  • Tiffany describes what a typical music and yoga session looks like, emphasizing that it’s more about guidance and experience than traditional teaching.
  • She highlights her students’ positive experiences.
  • The benefits of combining yoga ang piano, including increased body awareness, reduced comparison and competition, and being more present and relaxed while playing.
  • The importance of breath in piano playing, noting how it helps in grounding and dynamic expression.
  • The simplicity and lifelong benefits of incorporating breathing techniques into piano teaching.
  • Tiffany explains yoga’s broader practice, highlighting mindfulness and meditation as key components.
  • Rachel shares her own experiences with meditation, finding it beneficial despite wandering thoughts.
  • The importance of taking time to be with oneself, advocating even a minute of practice.
  • Discussion about Yoga Nidra, a practice combining guided meditation and restorative yoga, designed to bring deep rest and mindfulness.

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Today’s Guest

Tiffany Pinhorn Smith is a yoga and music teacher based in Newfoundland, Canada. She is passionate about creating an ecosystem of service that is balancing, calming, and nourishing using the modalities of music and yogic practices. She offers private music lessons, music + yoga hybrid sessions, private and group yoga classes, and workshops in the St. John’s area and online. When not teaching, Tiffany can be found spending time with her family, reading, writing, or daydreaming.

About Rachel Ehring

Dr. Rachel Ehring is a pianist, teacher, music administrator, and lover of piano teaching gadgets. She holds a DMA in Collaborative Piano from the University of Colorado Boulder and a MM in Accompanying from the University of Kansas. She currently serves as Director at St. John’s Conservatory of the Arts in Orange County, CA. Previously, she held positions at Concordia University Irvine and Henderson State University. Rachel is passionate about empowering music teachers to create engaging and exciting lessons for students of all ages. When she isn’t playing the piano, you might find Rachel reading books with her son or walking her beagle Frieda.


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