Piano Studio Technology: Ensuring You’re Up-to-Date in the Digital Age

Piano Studio Technology: Ensuring You’re Up-to-Date in the Digital Age

This month we are exploring everything to do with Piano Studio Technology on topmusic.co. Join us for the ride!

It was interesting to read on the blog last month that, according to our round-up of successful piano studio owners from around the world, the most important thing piano teachers need to build, sustain and grow a thriving piano teaching business is a website. Almost all of them mentioned this in their comments.

7 Piano Experts Share Their Business Growing Tips

And not just any website, but a modern, conversion-focussed, mobile-responsive, regularly updated website with lots of images and a clear call to action.

I’m still absolutely amazed at how many piano teachers either don’t have a website at all or who have an old one that they haven’t updated in years. You can spot them a mile away! Not only are older websites lacking in good design and a theme that suits mobile phone and tablets, they often are packed with hard-to-read fonts, wacky colours and an unconventional layout.

Unfortunately, if your website doesn’t look good on mobile (i.e. mobile responsive), it means that anyone trying to view the website on a phone or tablet will likely give up due to frustration. Even worse Google will actively penalise your site in search rankings because of the poor user experience.

So, what’s holding you back from designing a modern-looking website that will attract new students to your studio?

Piano website

It’s not that hard to build a modern website. Let me show you how.

‘Building and updating a website is too hard!’

I know that many of you feel it’s hard to maintain, fix or update a website and may have relegated it to the “too hard basket”.

In this month on the blog and podcast, we’re focussing on technology: both the technology you use with students in lessons and the technology you use for your business, most notably your website and Facebook presence.

And this month, we’re committed to helping all our listeners and readers sort out their websites once and for all!

We’re going on an international website redevelopment crusade. Seriously.

So, if you have a website you know you need to fix, or a Facebook Page you need to create, or even a totally non-existent online presence, then we want you to make a commitment this month to change that.

And we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

What if my website needs an update?

How do you fix a really bad website?

Well, the simplest answer is, in many cases, you don’t.

You start again. 

If your website was built more than five years ago and you haven’t touched it since, I’d start from scratch (you can always copy information across if you need to). If your website is more recent but built on a free “do-it-yourself” platform like Wix or similar, and you haven’t touched it in years, you might like to consider converting across to WordPress.

The best thing is that this month, we’re showing you exactly how easy it is to build a brand new, amazing, mobile-responsive, beautifully-designed website for your studio.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can put together a modern and new website these days.

If the last time you did this you had to spend hundreds of dollars and learn another language, forget it.

Things have changed and now anyone can do it, for well under $100 dollars.

What to expect this month

We’ve got a brilliant line-up for you this month and you’ll be able to access a full list of articles on this topic below if you’re reading this after July 2017.

Remember, we’re not just talking about websites. We’ll be exploring heaps of aspects of piano studio technology that you can use both in your teaching and in your business.

piano studio technology

-Photo by Gavin Whitner

July is technology month on topmusic.co. Join us for the ride!

On the blog, we will be covering…

  • How to run a travelling music lab with special guest and Inner Circle member, Rosemarie Penner
  • Getting the most out of YouTube in your studio
  • We’re going to look at some brand new studio technology
  • We’re going to talk about digital versus acoustic instruments and where technology is taking us in the future

On the podcast…

  • Katie Wardrobe drops in to share some awesome games and technology to suit rhythm and composition work in lessons (you’re going to love Boom, Snap, Clap!)
  • Nicola Cantan unpacks your studio website and Facebook Pages – what to do, where to get started, why you need to act now!
  • You’ll meet the musician behind one of my all-time favourite apps: iReal Pro
  • You’ll get to sit-in on an Inner Circle Mastermind Call

This is going to be one seriously interesting month of content.

Online Piano Studio Launchpad

While we’ll be giving you lots of great ideas about website development in blog posts and podcasts this month, I’m really excited about this month’s live training and course.

I’m delighted that this month’s free webinar will be a step-by-step demonstration of how to get your website and Facebook page set up. We’ll also talk about getting a free listing on Google My Business.

Google piano studio

You need to be smart about Google, it’s how prospective clients find you.

I can’t wait to share more information with you about the free webinar and course we’re putting together. I hope you can sense my excitement!

It will show you step-by-step with both videos and printed instructions, exactly how to create a website just like topmusic.co, from scratch.

We’ll literally hold your hand each step of the way and best of all, I’ve got someone ready to help if you get into trouble.

More news is coming soon – stay tuned.


What are you hoping to get out of this month? Is there anything you need a hand with when it comes to piano studio technology? Is there any exciting new technology you are using in your piano studio?

Let us know in the comments and we will try and address anything you may need a hand with.

This Month’s Resources

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