5 Days to Plan Your 
Studio Revolution

  • Feel like your teaching could do with a kickstart, but not sure where to start? 
  • Overwhelmed with all the great ideas out there but not sure what's most important? 
  • Find there's just too many things to do to make effective change? 
  • Do you have a to-do list that just never gets any shorter?
  • Want us to support you along the way? 

Your Piano Pivot starts next Monday!

Over 5 days, we'll help you to plan your piano studio for the next quarter. 

It's called the 5 Day Piano Pivot (5DPP) and it's a free online challenge that I'm running in conjunction with Nicola Cantan of colourfulkeys.ie.

Each day, you'll receive a video replay of the live workshop Nicola and I recorded at the end of 2017. These sessions will help you to take a hard look at key areas of your piano teaching business and really make a difference in a short space of time.

You will be joined by hundreds of teachers like you, on a mission to beat overwhelm, set achievable goals, pivot your teaching and get set for a rockin' year! 

Your 5DPP Schedule

  • Prelaunch Day is all about DREAMING BIG. We'll be taking you through our "Blue Sky Brainstorm" and helping you create the mindset you'll need to feel creative, set goals and have success in the 5DPP.
  • Day 1 is all about YOU. There's no point planning big change unless you look after yourself. We'll take a snapshot of where you are at and work through the "3 Key Areas of You".
  • Day 2 is about your STUDENTS. Where are you going and what are you trying to achieve? We'll be building a picture of your ideal student which will form the basis of Day 3.  
  • Day 3 is about your TEACHING. Today we're going to help you plan the activities that will define your teaching over the next year and help you work out where you need to spend your planning time.  
  • Day 4 is about your MUSIC. Put your hand up if you have too much sheet music? Yes, I thought so! Today we will help you come to grips with your library and make the most of all the music you have by getting creative with any piece.  
  • Day 5 is about your BUSINESS. There's no point planning all the above if you don't have a strategy for running the business that suits your lifestyle. Whether that's a studio of 5 students or an academy of 5 locations, we'll layout your plan.
  • We'll even include a Bonus Wrap-up Day to help draw all your ideas together and feel confident about your next steps. 

Your 5DPP Playbook

This is your 5DPP planning document.

It's a full-colour workbook that you can download, print out and refer to as you plan your pivot. 

This will become your plan and strategy for the next year. 

You'll receive your flashy new playbook by email as soon as you register.

Your 5DPP Hosts

Hi, we're Tim and Nicola, and as piano teachers our passion is supporting a more creative approach to music education in piano studios around the world.

Working together with our members, we have created a global community of leading piano teachers, called the Inner Circle, who help each other each day by sharing cutting edge ideas and supporting action.

We love creating resources to help teachers just like you to grow your studio, teach in a more fun and creative way and build a leading teaching business.

If you feel like you're treading water or you're overwhelmed by the quantity of information on the internet, the 5 Day Piano Pivot is your chance to learn cutting leading edge tools that can achieve in your studio and help you take action today.

With us by your side, decide what you need to do to maximise your students' learning and take action today.

This is one of the most comprehensive and exciting change programs we've ever offered to studio owners around the world and it's 100% free.

Click below to join us today.

What to Expect When You Signup

  • Video workshops and tips on how to get the most out of each day of your 5DPP challenge
  • Your full-colour 5DPP Playbook (aka "workbook"!) so you can follow-along and track your progress
  • I'll keep in touch with you via email before, during and after the challenge to ensure you keep on-track and up-to-date!

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Tim is a creator of enterprising, innovative ideas for music educators. Tim's passion is helping teachers maximise student engagement through creativity, technology and innovation. Tim's Inner Circle is an online professional development community for piano teachers that supports and resources teachers looking to be more creative in their approach. Tim's writing and training courses have been featured in American Music Teacher, The Piano Teacher and various journals and music publications in Australia and the USA. Tim holds an MBA in Educational Leadership, BMus, DipEd and AMusA.


Nicola Cantan is a piano teacher, author, blogger and creator of imaginative and engaging teaching resources. She loves getting piano students learning through laughter, and exploring the diverse world of music making; through improvisation, composition and games. Nicola's Vibrant Music Teaching Library is helping teachers all over the world to include more games and off-bench activities in their lessons, so that their students giggle their way through music theory and make faster progress. Nicola also runs a popular blog, Colourful Keys, where she shares creative ideas and teaching strategies, and hosts regular training events for piano teachers.  

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