Teaching Popular Music By Ear
1-Day Challenge

How to Teach Popular Music to Piano Students

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Discover how you can teach your students a new skill
that will open up a whole new world of musical opportunities.


Playing by ear is a fantastic skill to teach your students to help them become all-rounder musicians.

Join Tim LIVE as he demonstrates how to unpack a pop song to play it by ear.

You can then put his steps and guidance into action as he challenges you to play a song by ear yourself.


Do you have students who are trying to figure out how to play pop songs they find on YouTube?

Join Tim Topham as he shows you how playing a song by ear is easier than you may think!

Monday, May 22 – 6 PM Eastern and 11 PM London
Tuesday, May 23 – 8 AM Melbourne

If you can’t make it to the live session, we’ll share a limited time replay.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar


Tim Topham

Your webinar host and founder of TopMusicCo, the world’s biggest online community of independent music teachers. Tim has 20+ years’ classroom and music teaching experience including 10 years of music entrepreneurship. He’s an internationally-recognised speaker, author, podcaster and blogger and holds degrees including an MBA, BMus and DipEd.