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TopMusicGuitar Teacher Success Story: Simon Edgell

My life and business are different now because I have the three things that I really wanted: less stress, more money, and more time!

Simon’s Results

  • Established a successful new guitar teaching studio
  • Defined a clear direction for future goals
  • Maximising his time now
  • Reduced stress and anxiety

How TopMusicGuitar helped Simon establish a new guitar teaching studio

  • Detailed teaching resources
  • Training on how to establish a successful guitar teaching business
  • Interviews and tips from the top professionals in the field
  • The support of a large community of fellow teachers

What was your life like before TopMusicGuitar?

My name is Simon, and I teach guitar in Melbourne, Australia. I have my own studio here in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Before joining TopMusicGuitar, I felt like I lacked direction. Being reasonably new to the area and setting up my studio here, I had a lot of things going on.

I was trying to establish marketing, understand the type of students that I have, and bring all that together in a cohesive manner. It was all a little bit manic before joining TopMusicGuitar.

What changed for you after working with TopMusicGuitar?

I have definitely learned more about the principles of teaching students, from beginners right through to advanced. TopMusicGuitar helped me understand the material and how it can be delivered to a range of different people.

Some of the smaller lessons in business practices have allowed me to streamline my operations and reinvest that time into bigger things.

TopMusicGuitar is definitely saving me time, but it is also giving me time to reinvest. I know that down the track, this will be time I can use for myself, which keeps my level of stress at bay and balances my life.

What are your favourite resources from TopMusicGuitar?

The best resource I have utilised from TopMusicGuitar is the Guitar Teacher’s Roadmap. It helps reassure me I am doing things right and in the correct order.

Would you recommend TopMusicGuitar?

I would recommend TopMusicGuitar without a doubt. If anybody came to me wanting to get started teaching guitar, I would send them straight to TopMusicGuitar.

There is a lot of value there for teachers. Even if you feel confident with the pedagogy, there are a lot of business tips as well. Using TopMusicGuitar has completely changed the way I do things.