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Music Learning Theory Wrap-Up

by Tim Topham

I believe that Music Learning Theory has been one of the most profound themes I’ve ever featured on the blog and I’m so thankful to everyone who has shared their ideas and stories around this remarkable approach to music education.  It has certainly changed my thinking on music teaching. Has it changed yours?  For the final post ... Music Learning Theory Wrap-Up

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TTTV051: Audiation in Action with Andy Mullen

by Tim Topham

This month has been Music Learning Theory month on and with that has come a lot of talk about audiation. But what is audiation really? What does it mean and how does it look in a teaching context? If we want students to take full ownership or musical concepts and patterns, they should be able ... TTTV051: Audiation in Action with Andy Mullen

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How Music Learning Theory Gives Meaning To What We Teach

by Andy Mullen

  Well-meaning piano teachers sit students down at the piano, and immediately take out the method book, and show their student, for example, where middle C is on the staff, and where it is on the piano…They begin with the eye, and with reading, with little, if any, attention to a student’s audiation. If we instead ... How Music Learning Theory Gives Meaning To What We Teach

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Music Learning Theory

by Tim Topham

When I first heard about Music Learning Theory and the work of Dr Edwin Gordon, a whole lot of puzzle pieces I had about music reading suddenly fitted into place. Put simply, Music Learning Theory is a research-based explanation of how we learn when we learn music. What is the best approach? How do we give students the skills they need to 'talk' the language of music before they start reading?

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