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Teach music confidently without the stress

3 Different Ways Your Students Can Learn Piano Music

by Rebecca Singerman-Knight

Do you teach by rote, by ear or by reading?

08/31/2022 Read more

Improve Piano Ear Playing Skills with this One Challenge

by Ruth Power

Yep, you can make playing by ear fun. Here's how.

07/17/2018 Read more

Teaching Classical Piano by Teaching Pop Piano

by Rebecca Langley

I’m really happy to have Rebecca Langley write for the blog this week. Rebecca’s article about making connections in music goes right to the core of what effective piano pedagogy is all about and the timing couldn’t be better: my podcast with Paul Harris (Mr. Making Connections in Music Himself!) goes live this Sunday and picks-up exactly the ... Teaching Classical Piano by Teaching Pop Piano

07/23/2015 Read more