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Teaching Boys Piano

by Tim Topham

Quick NavigationIntroductionAre boys really different? Motivating MalesTeaching Tips4 Fun Resources for Teaching BoysMusic recommendations for boysWhat do you think?IntroductionThere seems to be a general consensus among piano teachers that, in the last five or so years, the number of boys in piano studios seems to have increased. Some teachers are telling me that they now have ... Teaching Boys Piano

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Impressions Suite – Jennifer Eklund | Sheet Music for Teens

by Tim Topham

Looking for great piano music at a low price with no copy restrictions? Jennifer Eklund of is a busy composer, teacher, presenter and author, well known in America for her Piano Pronto method books. Towards the end of last year, she released a number of new books of solo piano music suited to adults ... Impressions Suite – Jennifer Eklund | Sheet Music for Teens

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