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Teaching Music Lessons In 2023

by Tim Topham

The world has changed since you first started taking music lessons. Discover what's working (and what's not working) in music lessons in 2023.

06/12/2023 Read more

Introducing The PRESTO Framework

by Tim Topham

The PRESTO Framework guides music teachers through all the steps they need to follow to build and run a successful music studio.

05/30/2023 Read more

How Teaching My Piano Students To Play By Ear Changed My Life

by Georgina Wilson

Teaching students how to play by ear is overlooked by many teachers, but these inspirational stories will show you the benefits for both student and teacher.

05/08/2023 Read more

Lead Sheets: A Piano Teacher’s Guide

by Georgina Wilson

Lead sheets open up a whole new world of music for our students. But if they're not in your piano teacher toolkit it can be tricky knowing where to start. Let us help you!

05/01/2023 Read more

Teaching Slash Chords To Your Piano Students

by Georgina Wilson

Slash chords can look confusing, but when it comes to playing them on the piano they're not too tricky! Check out our guide to slash chords.

04/24/2023 Read more

Lead Sheets: Why You Should Teach Them To Your Piano Students

by Alan Senejani

Learn how to take your piano students’ piano skills to the next level by teaching them how to play from lead sheets. Discover the benefits and get tips to improve your students’ piano journeys.

04/17/2023 Read more

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Group Lessons: A Piano Teacher’s Guide

by Georgina Wilson

Group lessons are a fantastic addition to your piano studio. Not only do they bring a social element, but they allow students to enjoy making music together.

04/10/2023 Read more

How To Make Your Online Group Piano Lessons More Engaging

by Georgina Wilson

Questions we see asked a lot are, "What should I do in my online group piano lessons?" and "How do I make my online group classes fun?" Group lessons are all about having fun while making music with other students, and that doesn't have to be limited to in-person group lessons!

04/03/2023 Read more

The 3-Step Process for Integrated Music Teaching

by Tim Topham

Continuing on from our recent posts introducing Integrated Music Teaching, and out-lining how you can teach an Integrated Music Lesson, we wanted to discuss the 3-step process in more detail.  Table of Contents:1. What Is The 3-Step Process for Integrated Music Teaching?2. A Quick Note About Metaphors    2.1 Also Just To Say…3. STEP 1 ... The 3-Step Process for Integrated Music Teaching

12/15/2022 Read more

FREE TopMusic Webinar Bonuses

by Sarah Buckley

03/28/2022 Read more

A Creative Piano Teaching Activity to Encourage Productive Practice

by Melody Deng

Silly Mistakes and How to Get Rid of Them! Hi there, my name is Melody, and I am a piano teacher from New Zealand. I have a studio of about 40 students, with a wide range of ages and abilities, and on the whole are an absolute pleasure to teach. I have been building the ... A Creative Piano Teaching Activity to Encourage Productive Practice

10/23/2018 Read more

Inner Circle Member Spotlight: Wendy Brentnall-Wood

by Sean Wales

Inner Circle “Member Spotlights” give you a sneak-peek at the progress of one of our community members. Get inspired by what they’ve achieved, be heartened by their struggles and get motivated and share in their plans for the future. What does your studio look like? My music school currently consists of approximately 20 teachers who teach my program from their own ... Inner Circle Member Spotlight: Wendy Brentnall-Wood

12/04/2017 Read more