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Make Ear Training Fun With These 6 Games

by Andrew Bishko, Musical U

Ear training. A vital component for any musician, but it can cause students to sigh, roll their eyes, and procrastinate. "Can we do something else instead? Anything else?" Wondering how to make ear training more fun and enjoyable? Games!

05/22/2023 Read more

The Best Aural Piano Activities for Absolute Beginner Piano Students

by Nicola Cantan

Try these 6 aural piano activities and your beginner piano students will be begging for more ear training time as they listen, jump and march.

05/15/2023 Read more

Lead Sheets: A Piano Teacher’s Guide

by Georgina Wilson

Lead sheets open up a whole new world of music for our students. But if they're not in your piano teacher toolkit it can be tricky knowing where to start. Let us help you!

05/01/2023 Read more

The Best Ear Training Apps for Your Studio

by Sean Wales

Practicing aural skills is one of the most important music theory exercises for any musician. From beginner students to more advanced musicians, boosting listening skills helps everyone when it comes to playing piano. But some music students want to skip the ear training exercises and just play piano without any extra theory lessons. This is ... The Best Ear Training Apps for Your Studio

05/25/2022 Read more

When ‘New’ Isn’t Always Better – Creative Piano’s Proper Place

by Andrew Bishko, Musical U

How to combine the traditional with the creative mind.

07/24/2018 Read more

Improve Piano Ear Playing Skills with this One Challenge

by Ruth Power

Yep, you can make playing by ear fun. Here's how.

07/17/2018 Read more

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Why Teaching Piano by Ear Will Definitely Make You a Better Teacher

by Just Rijna

Teaching Piano by Ear “Oh, I’m not very musically talented. I can’t even read notes!” When I tell people I’m a musician, this is a reply I hear often. It always surprises me. The first thing that comes to mind when people think about playing music is the ability to read music. It shows how ... Why Teaching Piano by Ear Will Definitely Make You a Better Teacher

10/18/2017 Read more

Teaching Piano by Ear: A Journey into the Unknown

by Roberta Wolff

Learning piano by ear is a difficult, but rewarding task. This month, my site will be dedicated to helping teachers engage their students with this style of teaching. Aural training is vital, and I hope this month will show you exactly why, and inspire you to give it a go.

10/02/2017 Read more

How Music Learning Theory Gives Meaning To What We Teach

by Andy Mullen

  Well-meaning piano teachers sit students down at the piano, and immediately take out the method book, and show their student, for example, where middle C is on the staff, and where it is on the piano…They begin with the eye, and with reading, with little, if any, attention to a student’s audiation. If we instead ... How Music Learning Theory Gives Meaning To What We Teach

07/27/2016 Read more