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Teach music confidently without the stress

Tim Topham and Automating the Angst-O-Meter

by Mauro Dalu

10/17/2023 Read more

Is ‘Work-Life’ Balance an Achievable Goal?

by Karen Gibson

Work-Life balance to some of us is a myth. Surely it’s not possible to have a balance between our working lives and our personal lives? If you’ve got it sorted, we admire you. If you’re always striving for different ways to ‘balance’ your life, keep reading!  TABLE OF CONTENTS:  Should We Really Be Striving or ... Is ‘Work-Life’ Balance an Achievable Goal?

01/02/2023 Read more

How To Balance Family And Teaching

by Tracy Selle

Try these three steps to find balance.

03/30/2022 Read more

Finding Balance between Piano Teaching and Family

by Rosemarie Penner

How would you answer this? Which comes first - piano clients or your family?

09/19/2020 Read more