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5 Must-Have Books For Guitar Teachers in 2023

by Michael Gumley

Even as teachers, we're still learning. From discovering new teaching methods, ways of practicing, or business skills, reading books can help you improve as a guitar teacher and a business owner.

04/27/2023 Read more

Tips For Group Guitar Lessons (I Wish I Knew These When I First Started Teaching!)

by Michael Gumley

Are you thinking about teaching group guitar lessons in your studio but not sure how to get started? These six tips are sure to help you out!

04/14/2023 Read more

Essential Tips For Teaching Better Group Guitar Lessons

by Michael Gumley

Teaching group guitar lessons can be a challenging but incredible rewarding experience. Read our essential tips to help you not make the mistakes we made!

04/07/2023 Read more

#001: Building Transformative Guitar Playing Experiences for Students feat. Darryl Powis

by Michael Gumley

In this pioneer episode of the TopMusicGuitar podcast, we’re excited to share the expertise and guitar playing experiences of Darryl Powis, owner of Guitar Tuition East London School. Darryl has enjoyed a varied career, from being a talented performance musician to establishing his music school in London. He uses visualisation techniques as well as deep ... #001: Building Transformative Guitar Playing Experiences for Students feat. Darryl Powis

04/22/2022 Read more

5 Ways To Increase Your Guitar Lesson Prices Without Losing Students

by Michael Gumley

How to improve tuition rates without bleeding clients

01/19/2022 Read more

TC262: TopMusicGuitar Unearthed with Tim and Michael

by Tim Topham

We are so excited to share the latest and biggest update at for 2021 – the launch of TopMusicGuitar. In this episode, Michael Gumley, Head of TopMusicGuitar, and I will be talking about how the membership and program can help teachers of all ages and stages become better at managing their teaching and business. ... TC262: TopMusicGuitar Unearthed with Tim and Michael

10/08/2021 Read more

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Keep Your Guitar Students From Quitting with 6 Steps for Better Results

by Michael Gumley

Before you field another quitting lessons text, read this.

‘Stage Fright’ – Are Exam-Based Teaching Methods to Blame?

by Tim Fletcher

Why is a recital so nerve-wracking?

06/30/2021 Read more