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2017 Schedule

by Tim Topham

The 5 Day Piano Pivot (5DPP) is a worldwide challenge in which piano studio owners across the globe come together to dream big, assess their current situation, set goals and plan their journey to achieving them, all with the support of all the other Pivoters. The 2017 5DPP officially starts on Monday 4 December, however ... 2017 Schedule

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An Open Letter to Parents of Piano Students

by Tim Topham

A Document for Piano Parents Everywhere As the nature of music education shifts from one of note reading, performance and interpretation to one of creativity, curiosity, composition and exploration, many piano teachers are finding it hard to explain the value and importance of this change with parents. This means that there is sometimes a conflict between what ... An Open Letter to Parents of Piano Students

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Classically Trained to Creatively Curious | Exploring Creative Piano Teaching

by Tim Topham

This month's theme is all about helping 'classically trained' teachers feel more comfortable exploring creative ideas in their teaching. Whether that's a few off-bench activities or dipping your toe into some improvisation, I know that this month's suggestions will have a big impact on both the way that you teach, and the outcomes for your students.

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Free Piano Teacher Training Webinars

by Tim Topham

There's nothing like getting together with other dedicated, innovative and inspiring teachers and learning about new ideas to improve your teaching, business and studio.  I regularly hold online webinars offering free training to piano teachers.  Here's a small selection of my most popular webinars which you can attend at a time to suit you. Enjoy! NO BOOK ... Free Piano Teacher Training Webinars

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Quick Teaching Tip: Using a Telescopic Pointer

by Tim Topham

Using a telescopic pointer in piano lessons Just a quick update today. I was in the middle of teaching the other day when one of my colleagues noticed that I was using an extendible pointer to point at my student’s music. I hadn’t really thought much of it – I’d been using an old radio antenna for ... Quick Teaching Tip: Using a Telescopic Pointer

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“Coffee with Ray” – a remarkable new piano teaching textbook/novella by Nick Ambrosino

by Tim Topham

A piano teaching textbook that reads like a novel! I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading Nick Ambrosino’s new book: Coffee with Ray. The title certainly caught my attention (“coffee” tends to have that effect!) but how could a book about having coffee with someone called Ray possibly help me with ... “Coffee with Ray” – a remarkable new piano teaching textbook/novella by Nick Ambrosino

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