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How Teaching My Piano Students To Play By Ear Changed My Life

by Georgina Wilson

Teaching students how to play by ear is overlooked by many teachers, but these inspirational stories will show you the benefits for both student and teacher.

05/08/2023 Read more

9 Reasons Why Playing Lead Sheets is Essential for Piano Students

by Tim Topham

Piano lead sheets are a great tool to create all-round musicians.

05/04/2023 Read more

Teaching Slash Chords To Your Piano Students

by Georgina Wilson

Slash chords can look confusing, but when it comes to playing them on the piano they're not too tricky! Check out our guide to slash chords.

04/24/2023 Read more

Lead Sheets: Why You Should Teach Them To Your Piano Students

by Alan Senejani

Learn how to take your piano students’ piano skills to the next level by teaching them how to play from lead sheets. Discover the benefits and get tips to improve your students’ piano journeys.

04/17/2023 Read more

Essential Lead Sheet Patterns

by Ruby Rose Cruz

Get your free download.

06/23/2020 Read more

Free Pop Lead Sheets and Chord Charts with Forrest Kinney

by Ruby Rose Cruz

Free Pop Lead Sheets and Chord Charts with Forrest Kinney!  

04/18/2020 Read more

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Teach Christmas Carols with No Book Lead Sheets

by Tim Topham

Inspire your students this Christmas with carols.

11/14/2019 Read more

How to Create a Piano Lead Sheet from Any Song

by Tim Topham

Get inspired with piano lead sheets!

10/01/2019 Read more

How to Choose the Right Pop Song to Teach Your Students

by Tim Topham

Find out the best way to teach a pop song.

04/01/2019 Read more

How Bach Would Teach Piano Lead Sheets

by Forrest Kinney

Harmony forms the base of composing and improvising.

08/22/2018 Read more

What’s the Difference Between a Chord Chart and a Lead Sheet?

by Tim Topham

Lead Sheets have a notated melody line with chord symbols written above and may include words if it’s a song. Chord Charts simply show chord symbols with no notation. If the chord chart is referencing a pop song, it will generally include lyrics as well. In both cases, it’s up to the pianist to provide the left ... What’s the Difference Between a Chord Chart and a Lead Sheet?

02/20/2017 Read more