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Teach music confidently without the stress

5 principles for music studio teachers to avoid getting stuck in the weeds

by Grant Carson

Do you have at least one student currently struggling in lessons? Read on!

11/08/2021 Read more

How to Use Experience-Based Activities to Motivate Piano Students

by Megan Desmarais

How do you motivate piano students? It seems like this is the question of the century and in a perfect world, every piano student would be intrinsically motivated. But, alas, as piano teachers, we wear the expert knowledge-holder hat, the creative artist hat, the event planner hat and the studio manager hat, just to name ... How to Use Experience-Based Activities to Motivate Piano Students

11/20/2018 Read more

How Creative Piano Teaching Ideas Can Transform and Motivate Teachers

by Anna Goldthorpe

Expand your studio with a creative approach.

10/08/2018 Read more

How to Motivate Piano Students in the Digital Age

by Nancy Tanaka

Let us motivate piano students once and for all.

07/31/2018 Read more

TTTV015: What Motivates You?

by Tim Topham

I’ve always been interested in the concept of motivation. What actually motivates us to do what we do and in particular, what motivations are there to continually improve our teaching? Do you participate in professional development? Do you spend some of your precious free time reading blogs, participating in facebook groups or listening to podcasts like ... TTTV015: What Motivates You?

10/15/2015 Read more

Why extrinsic rewards are so bad for motivation

by Tim Topham

Do rewards motivate people? Absolutely: They motivate people to get rewards! So states Daniel Pink in his engaging book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. According to his research, extrinsic rewards, particularly “if-then” or “contingent” rewards (“if you do this, then you’ll get that”) snuff out all self motivation and creativity, regardless of ... Why extrinsic rewards are so bad for motivation

02/09/2012 Read more