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Child Protection Considerations for Instrumental Music Teachers

by Rebecca Stewart

Child protection is important in all areas of life. It's vital that you're aware of the legal and ethical implications of protecting the vulnerable people you come in contact with as an instrumental music teacher.

09/04/2023 Read more

What Type Of Music Teacher Are You?

by Tim Topham

There are many benefits to knowing the type of music teacher you are.

08/28/2023 Read more

A Piano Teacher’s Guide To Piano Method Books

by Tim Topham

Knowing how to find the right method book can be tricky - our guide will help you feel inspired to start your search.

07/10/2023 Read more

Teaching Music Lessons In 2023

by Tim Topham

The world has changed since you first started taking music lessons. Discover what's working (and what's not working) in music lessons in 2023.

06/12/2023 Read more

Lead Sheets: A Piano Teacher’s Guide

by Georgina Wilson

Lead sheets open up a whole new world of music for our students. But if they're not in your piano teacher toolkit it can be tricky knowing where to start. Let us help you!

05/01/2023 Read more

Teaching Slash Chords To Your Piano Students

by Georgina Wilson

Slash chords can look confusing, but when it comes to playing them on the piano they're not too tricky! Check out our guide to slash chords.

04/24/2023 Read more

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Ideas For Teaching A Multi-Age Group Piano Lesson

by Lynnette Barney

Do you find it hard to find activities suitable for multi-age group piano lessons? Are you looking for help and inspiration for teaching group classes? Check out these fantastic tips!

03/28/2023 Read more

5 Ways To Help Your Students Feel Performance Ready

by Georgina Wilson

Performances can be scary. Can you remember how you felt as a music student walking onto a stage for the first time? Do you remember your hands shaking as you played your first note? As teachers we can help our students feel less nervous about performing, and boost their confidence, whether they're playing in a recital, a competition, or an exam.

03/06/2023 Read more

4 Tips for Teaching Piano Beginner Technique

by Tim Topham

Teaching beginner piano students technique can be hard, but our four tips will help put you in good stead.

02/22/2023 Read more

What I’ve learnt from asking more questions in music lessons

by Tim Topham

Since the start of this year, I made a commitment to ask more questions in my teaching. And not just questions for the sake of them, but effective questions that challenge students to think. Questions that are suited to each student and give them more ownership of the lesson and their playing. As a great side benefit, ... What I’ve learnt from asking more questions in music lessons

09/05/2022 Read more

FREE TopMusic Webinar Bonuses

by Sarah Buckley

03/28/2022 Read more

TopCast – The Official Music Teachers’ Podcast

by Tim Topham

Listen to TopCast: The Official Music Teachers' Podcast Recent podcast episodes The TopCast airs weekly on Fridays at 11am Eastern. You can find us on your favourite podcast player app, Stitcher and Spotify. No results have been returned for your Query. Please edit the query for content to display. Full podcast archive NOTE: To find ... TopCast – The Official Music Teachers’ Podcast

09/27/2020 Read more