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Teach music confidently without the stress

How to Record Online Lessons

by Diego Cardini

Online teaching can be overwhelming. We break down the equipment to get you started.

04/15/2022 Read more

TC185: Look Inside Stephen Hughes’ Virtual Piano Studio

by Tim Topham

Online teaching expert Stephen Hughes shows us inside his virtual piano studio

04/10/2020 Read more

Not How I Was Taught! Your Ultimate Guide to Online Piano Teaching

by Emily Laney

Already teaching online but not sure it's going well? Consult our top tips

04/03/2020 Read more

The Secret to Earning More Money as a Music Teacher [Part Two]

by Tim Topham

Sign up for this week's free online webinar!

07/09/2019 Read more

Online Piano Teaching

by Tim Topham

Have you thought about giving online lessons only to be overwhelmed by all the technology you'll need to purchase and learn to use? Have you written-off online lessons because of the importance you place on being able to physically help your students? This month on the blog and podcast, we're focussing on the ins and outs of teaching online: how to do it, what equipment you'll need, what the benefits are and much more.

08/03/2016 Read more