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Teach music confidently without the stress

5 Strategies for Overcoming Performance Anxiety

by Georgina Wilson

Your students will be more confident in their performances if you follow these five guidelines.

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Product Review: The Piano Mastery Course

by Laura Aske

Piano Mastery Course Concert pianist Daniel Roberts has developed a course for pianists who struggle with performance nerves. He attributes the nervousness of performers to unresolved tension from strain and injury. In the Course, Piano Mastery, Roberts promises to teach the following: Use natural physical movements in your playing, that are free from tensions that ... Product Review: The Piano Mastery Course

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How to Tackle Piano Performance Anxiety

by Roberta Wolff

It is the million dollar question that all students will ask you at one point during their education: “How can I stop feeling nervous about performing?”.  Performance anxiety is natural and students deal with exams and concerts in different ways. Some students embrace the pressure that comes with it, while others need a helping hand.  ... How to Tackle Piano Performance Anxiety

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Exploring Piano Exams and Recitals

by Tim Topham

This month, we’re going to focus on two sometimes controversial aspects of piano teaching: exams and recitals. This will include discussions around performing, competitions, festivals, performance anxiety and so forth. We’re going to discuss the best approaches for incorporating exams into your studio, when students should sit exams and how to discuss exams with pushy parents. When it ... Exploring Piano Exams and Recitals

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