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Make Ear Training Fun With These 6 Games

by Andrew Bishko, Musical U

Ear training. A vital component for any musician, but it can cause students to sigh, roll their eyes, and procrastinate. "Can we do something else instead? Anything else?" Wondering how to make ear training more fun and enjoyable? Games!

05/22/2023 Read more

3 Tips to Beat the Summer Lesson Blues

by Sara Campbell

An aritcle by Sara Campbell from SarasMusicStudio.com. Whether you’re a first-time summer piano teacher or a 10-year seasoned veteran, we all know that the summer months can be nerve wracking for piano teachers. Vacations, holidays, and summer activities can really wreak havoc our teaching schedules! Combine those factors with income loss and lack-luster practice because ... 3 Tips to Beat the Summer Lesson Blues

04/27/2016 Read more

Planning a Piano Summer Camp

by Tim Topham

One of the best ways to increase your income as a piano teacher is to run a summer camp. Whether you're in the northern or southern hemisphere, school holidays are a great opportunity to increase your income by running special group activities or camps with your studio and so this month is designed to get you thinking about how this could work in your studio. Welcome to Summer Camp Month! Even if your summer vacation isn't until the end of the year (like here in Australia), I know that the ideas and concepts that we'll be discussing this month will be invaluable for any holiday period or group activity, even if they are months away at the moment. It's always good to start planning early!

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