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Is Professional Development Important For Piano Teachers?

by Georgina Wilson

Professional development for piano teachers is a topic that gets overlooked. People assume you already know how to play and teach the piano - is there any room for improvement?

12/04/2023 Read more

How to Strengthen the Value Perception of Your Music Studio

by Sarah Buckley

Use these 3 tips to improve the perceived value of your music lessons program!

07/12/2021 Read more

Be Kind to Yourself

by Nick Ambrosino

Is Chariots of Fire running through your mind as you contemplate work that is never finished?

01/31/2021 Read more

Introducing TopMusicPro Lite Membership

by Nicola Cantan

Ultra-short on time? When you need pro-level tools and tips in to-go size servings, look at TopMusicPro Lite level.

06/12/2020 Read more

Conference Highlights: How I nearly missed the innovative teacher event of the year

by Emily Laney

High points from the first Piano Pivot Live conference

02/01/2020 Read more

Find out Who’s Coming to Piano Pivot Live in 2020

by Tim Topham

It's a piano conference, with a difference!

09/24/2019 Read more

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The Ultimate Piano Teaching Conference Coming in 2020

by Tim Topham

A piano teaching conference with a difference.

08/13/2019 Read more

Why You Should Be at the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Convention in 2017

by Tim Topham

Join Us at the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Convention In this live Facebook video, Tim Topham chats with Carly McDonald about why you need to be at the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Convention in 2017. It is running in Adelaide between 10-14 of July. Both Carly and Tim will be presenting at the event. For more information ... Why You Should Be at the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Convention in 2017

05/18/2017 Read more