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Free recital pieces from

by Tim Topham

As you know, I’m always on the lookout for new repertoire for my students. On a recent visit to Philip Johnston’s InsideMusicTeaching website, which is a fantastic resource for all sorts of things piano-teaching-related, I came across his new “Repertoire Browser” page where he has uploaded nine of his own piano compositions which are great ... Free recital pieces from

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The Dynamic Studio – brilliant new book from Philip Johnston

by Tim Topham

“Given the extraordinary changes music teaching finds itself surrounded by, if you had the opportunity to hit “reset” on how your studio currently operates and build it again from scratch, what might your new job look like?” So asks Australian author and music teacher Philip Johnston in his new book “The Dynamic Studio“. Let’s face it, ... The Dynamic Studio – brilliant new book from Philip Johnston

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How to make piano scales fun!

by Tim Topham

OK, so I know that “fun” might be the wrong word to ever describe scales, but there are some great resources available to help make scale practice infinitely more interesting. As much as it can sometimes be tempting to throw scale practice out for good and just get on with music-making for both ourselves and ... How to make piano scales fun!

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