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3 Ways To Make Teaching Scales More Interesting

by Tim Topham

Make teaching scales more interesting for your students with these fun ideas!

02/27/2023 Read more

20 Ideas For Making Scales More Fun

by Tim Topham

Here’s a cheatsheet of twenty ways to freshen up teaching scales in your studio.

02/02/2021 Read more

Turning off Autopilot in Piano Practice

by Tim Topham

Thanks for watching my YouTube video about helping students turn off Autopilot when they are practising their scales: Here are well over 20 ideas to keep your teaching (and your students’ practice) fresh. This FREE download has 3 pages of fresh ideas that you can grab and print out today. Keep it on your piano ... Turning off Autopilot in Piano Practice

04/22/2019 Read more

Everything You Need to Know about the New AMEB Series 18 Piano Syllabus

by Tim Topham

How does the new syllabus differ from the old one?

12/11/2018 Read more

When ‘New’ Isn’t Always Better – Creative Piano’s Proper Place

by Andrew Bishko, Musical U

How to combine the traditional with the creative mind.

07/24/2018 Read more

A Creative Take on the New ABRSM Piano Syllabus

by Rebecca Singerman-Knight

Let's take a creative look at the new ABRSM piano syllabus.

07/09/2018 Read more

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A Holistic Approach to Reading Music

by Andrew Bishko, Musical U

An expert guest post from Musical U’s Andrew Bishko looking at reading music.  Reading Music How did you learn to talk? What, no book?! Yet all too often, music education starts with reading music rather than playing music. And speaking of reading, how did you learn to read? Simply by looking at letters on a page? ... A Holistic Approach to Reading Music

05/28/2018 Read more

How to Find Out What Musical Mode a Piece Is in

by Tim Topham

Musical Modes If you’re reading this, you are probably aware there are eight modes a piece of music can be played in. Some are easy to get your head around. For example, the major scale can also be referred to as the Ionian mode. The Aeolian mode is another way of referring to the natural ... How to Find Out What Musical Mode a Piece Is in

05/15/2018 Read more

Teach Principles First [Chat with Paul Harris Part 3]

by Sean Wales

Wrapping up our mini-chat series with Tim Topham and expert UK educationalist Paul Harris is today’s video all about teaching piano principles first.  In the previous two videos, Tim and Paul have chatted about the best ways to motivate your students and how to keep your piano lessons relevant. In case you missed them, click on ... Teach Principles First [Chat with Paul Harris Part 3]

04/08/2017 Read more

Julie Haskell answers questions on AMEB exams

by Tim Topham

A couple of weeks ago, the VMTA ran a one-day piano teachers’ conference at Piano Time in South Melbourne. I always try to get along to these events as it’s great to network with other teachers and the presenters and learn new tricks and techniques to improve my teaching practice. The most interesting session for ... Julie Haskell answers questions on AMEB exams

03/09/2012 Read more

Are scales irrelevant?

by Tim Topham

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the VMTA’s “Clifford Lecture” given by Professor Gary McPherson from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, a brilliant speaker who never fails to engage, enthrall and challenge his listeners. The 2-hour presentation was based on some of his research into musical talent in adolescents, which he has been ... Are scales irrelevant?

08/13/2011 Read more