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Best Student Duets with Just 5-fingers from Diabelli

by Tim Topham

If you haven’t yet introduced the duets of Anton Diabelli to your teaching studio, you are missing out on some of the best student duets for beginner and intermediate students. In fact, as long as students can read a 5-finger position in C Major, they can at least play the first couple of these pieces. Diabelli ... Best Student Duets with Just 5-fingers from Diabelli

08/29/2022 Read more

Piano Music for Right Hand

by Tim Topham

One of my students broke his LH thumb the other week (footy accident!), so I began researching good music for Right Hand alone. As I was doing this, I thought a few links might be useful for other teachers or students who might come to this page via a google search for the same. I ... Piano Music for Right Hand

06/01/2013 Read more

Online Sheet Music Resources

by Tim Topham

I often get asked where I go online for music. There seems to be so much free music on the web, it’s hard to know where to start looking (and it’s often hard to tell which sites are legal!). Here are the places that I go for sheet music online: Classical/Out of Copyright/Famous Tunes: IMSLP Library ... Online Sheet Music Resources

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