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“Connections” by Christopher Norton

by Tim Topham

I’ve posted regularly in the past about good music to keep boys inspired to learn piano and the latest instalment from Christopher Norton, his Connections Series, is definitely up to the task! Most importantly, Connections could well be a lifeline for students who may be considering giving up piano lessons – girls and boys. I ... “Connections” by Christopher Norton

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Left Hand Piano Music: Takeo TCHINAI

by Tim Topham

During my lay-off with an injured right hand last term, I took some time to investigate piano music for LH. I was already studying Chopin’s Etude Op 10 No 12, so that got a good workout, but I couldn’t believe how much great stuff has been written for just one hand! Even more impressive is ... Left Hand Piano Music: Takeo TCHINAI

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How to Earn Sheet Music Rebates with Sheetmusicplus

by Tim Topham

What are Sheet Music Rebates? I’m sure most of you are aware of the excellent array of music available both in print and download format from, however, are you aware that you can actually benefit from your students’ purchases through the website via their “Easy Rebates” program? When I have sheet music recommendations for ... How to Earn Sheet Music Rebates with Sheetmusicplus

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