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Teach music confidently without the stress

Can Tetris Help Your Sight-reading?

by Timz Fojas

10/24/2023 Read more

A Piano Teacher’s Guide To Teaching Sight Reading

by Tim Topham

Learn the best ways to teach sight reading to your piano students (plus a handy checklist to download)

02/13/2023 Read more

How to Make Piano Sight-Reading a Fun Activity

by Roberta Wolff

Sometimes our students might find sight-reading a boring and tedious activity. It doesn't have to be that way. Expert guest writer Roberta Wolff tells us how to get our students to 'lock into sight-reading'.

06/05/2018 Read more

Piano Music for Right Hand

by Tim Topham

One of my students broke his LH thumb the other week (footy accident!), so I began researching good music for Right Hand alone. As I was doing this, I thought a few links might be useful for other teachers or students who might come to this page via a google search for the same. I ... Piano Music for Right Hand

06/01/2013 Read more

Julie Haskell answers questions on AMEB exams

by Tim Topham

A couple of weeks ago, the VMTA ran a one-day piano teachers’ conference at Piano Time in South Melbourne. I always try to get along to these events as it’s great to network with other teachers and the presenters and learn new tricks and techniques to improve my teaching practice. The most interesting session for ... Julie Haskell answers questions on AMEB exams

03/09/2012 Read more