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Taking Care of Business

by Tim Topham

Download for the TopMusicMag: Taking Care of Business is at the bottom of the page. When you became a piano teacher (or other instrument teacher) and studio owner, you probably didn’t take business classes first. When it comes to the actual teaching part of your job, you excel. You love it. You’re a superstar teacher. ... Taking Care of Business

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Studio Policy PowerPack

by Timz Fojas

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Piano Teacher Goals for the New Year

by Georgina Wilson

Piano teacher goals tend to take a backseat behind student goals. Take this blog as a reminder to think about your year ahead and what you want to achieve!

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Is Professional Development Important For Piano Teachers?

by Georgina Wilson

Professional development for piano teachers is a topic that gets overlooked. People assume you already know how to play and teach the piano - is there any room for improvement?

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How to Build an Online Music Teaching Business – Guitar Business Show Interview with Tim Topham

by Timz Fojas

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Hiring as You Grow with Tim Topham

by Timz Fojas


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Why Piano Teachers Need A Mission Statement

by Georgina Wilson

Mission statements are usually associated with large corporations. But they're valuable to you even if you're the only piano teacher in your studio. Find out why (and how to write your own).

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PRESTO Framework Case Study: Veteran Val

by Georgina Wilson

For teachers who have been teaching a long time, it can be easy to feel stuck in the same routine. The PRESTO Framework can help you adapt to a more modern approach of teaching.

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Introducing The PRESTO Framework

by Tim Topham

The PRESTO Framework guides music teachers through all the steps they need to follow to build and run a successful music studio.

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Boost Your Piano Teaching Productivity with These 5 Tips

by Sean Wales

Teaching Productivity Being organised and productive is sometimes the best way to ensure your business runs smoothly. How can you expect to continue expanding your piano studio with all these new students that your awesome website is attracting if you don’t have the time to fit everything in? Even the most disorganised person can learn ... Boost Your Piano Teaching Productivity with These 5 Tips

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2017 in Review: Piano Business and Marketing

by Tim Topham

Welcome to our second 2017 in Review post, as we continue to look back on what has been a fantastic year of piano teaching resources on Today, we look back at our best and most popular resources on a topic that is often relegated to a piano teacher’s last thought: Piano Business and Marketing. You may ... 2017 in Review: Piano Business and Marketing

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Thank You and Special Offer (Studio TuneUp PowerPack)

by Timz Fojas

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